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  1. Hi Karts, Just in case you did not know, Property Hub Invest sources deals for investors. The deals we source are not right for everyone, but you can find some further information here: https://propertyhub.net/service/invest/ If you request to "Book a Strategy Meeting", you'll get a telephone call first where you can ask further questions before deciding whether to progress things. All the best, Rachel
  2. Hi Michael, You have not given much detail on how exactly you would use the funds, so it is difficult to answer your query. For example - why do you want to invest in property? what sort of deals/strategies would you be considering? when might you therefore be able to pay your mentor back and be self-sufficient? Are you able to start out on your own? Is there a chance your mentor will need the £70k returned earlier than you might be able to repay it? Are you prepared for the impact this could have on your relationship with this person? If you use the £70k for two deposits, then
  3. Hi John, Welcome to Property Hub! Generally speaking, Liverpool is a fantastic location to be considering. However, exactly what you invest in and where depends on a number of factors. The main one being, what is your goal? We believe that every investment strategy starts with having a meaningful and specific goal. Once you understand that, it's fair easier to narrow down your options and see clearly what sort of deal or strategy makes sense for you! If you're unsure on what your goal is, this is the starting point and we can help. In particular, you can book a free Goals
  4. Hi Paul, It's fantastic that you're starting to look at how different deals breakdown, and a lot of what you've got looks pretty good! There's a couple of costs we would suggest would be higher/lower depending on various factors. However, the key thing is to first work out what your goal is. This will help you identify the best strategy, and in turn this will help you focus on finding specific deals. A growth rate of 3% is pessimistic for the next 3-5 years. Certainly many areas are already seeing nearly double this, and we expect things to pick up substantially o
  5. Hi Haf1963, Property works best as a long-term investment, but I would suggest that a lot can be done in 5 years and certainly 10! Would you be happy to expand on your comment, so we can understand your thoughts? Thanks
  6. Hi! It's safe to say there have been numerous changes in recent years which affect property investors. Some of these changes have been legislative - others a change in industry practice. We have written an article discussing the key ones here Some of these changes mean it is not as easy to make money in property compared to ten years ago or more - unless you are working with professionals and fully understand what you are doing. For example, working with a specialist accountant is now absolutely imperative. In short, it's more important than ever to ensure you ha
  7. Hi Liam, You have a specific goal which is great, but more importantly it needs to be a meaningful goal. For example, you have said you want to purchase 15 houses - is there any reason 14 would not sufficient? And does it matter if they're cashflowing positively or negatively? (presumably yes!) 15 houses is a huge amount - and would require a huge amount of capital to acquire. Lets say you need £25k to purchase each one (and that's being conservative) - you'll need £375,000 cash - and the ability to get mortgages for the rest. You're unlikely to net £400 a mo
  8. Hi! You've already received some really great responses to your question - but there may be one other thing to consider when deciding if a sourcing fee is worth it. Most reputable sourcing companies charge a fee, but they also achieve you a genuine discount off market value. If the discount is far greater than their fee, then you're still better off - even if their fee is at the more expensive end of the spectrum. I hope that's helpful!
  9. Hi Janelle, As well as helping investors put together tailored plans to reach their financial goals, Property Hub Invest also sources deals. Some of our most recent deals have been in Liverpool. If you want to find out more, you can receive a call by requesting a strategy meeting on our Invest page here: https://propertyhub.net/service/invest/ All the very best with your property journey!
  10. Hi Alfie, Your post emphasises the importance of having a second exit strategy whenever you take on a project. Its difficult to answer your question without a bit more information about whether this property would work as a rental property - what is the rental demand like in the area? Would the property cashflow as a rental property? Would it likely achieve capital growth, and be worth holding for a longer period of time? Of course, if you're stuck on bridging finance at the moment, then you'll also need to weigh up whether you can afford to wait much longer for a sale. Cr
  11. Hi Dan, You have said that your property will net £240 a month, or £2,880 a year. Based on an investment of £12,500 this is a 23% return. In other words, as you've said, you'll recover the equivalent of your money in the deal in less than 5 years (from rental profits alone). That's an incredible return, and its not clear why you find that disappointing? That said, your initial outlay doesn't appear to include the deposit for the property? As such, your ROI is probably much lower. However, most investors look to improve their ROI and accelerate things by refinancing quickly. You
  12. Hi James, It sounds like you're in a good position - one BTL under you're belt, and looking to purchase another property! Its very difficult to advise on the best route, based on such limited information. For example, what are your goals? What are your circumstances? What experience do you have? Buying your own home means you can leverage higher, i.e. you can put less down (such as a 5% or 10% deposit) on a property. So you're money is working harder for you. But if you're buying an investment property, you would be less limited in terms of where you could buy. For example
  13. Hi Clare, Welcome to Property Hub! The BRR model can be a great way of accelerating portfolio growth, if you are able to recycle your cash as you go. However, finding deals where you can refinance a significant proportion back out of the deal after the refurbishment is not always easy - to say the least! If you are able to be a cash buyer, then this should help things considerably, as your profit margin should be much higher. Properties that are ready to let, on the other hand, have the advantage of allowing you to be more hands-off. If you are look
  14. Hi Phill - welcome to Property Hub and the world of property investment! If you're just starting out, you may want to complete some of our online courses to build your knowledge. You can also speak with a Portfolio Manager from Property Hub Invest to consider what the best strategy for you might be. There's no one way to invest in property, and ultimately your goals and circumstances will determine the best way for you to approach things. All our content is free, and speaking with our Portfolio Managers is also free - so you can save your funds for the investments themselves!
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