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  1. Thanks tchughes. A spreadsheet would be a great help. I agree with your main reason for preferring students, as far as I can see this is the greatest benefit of a student vs professional let (even if the potential yield is slightly lower). It’s more than made up for in lower void periods. And would definitely be my preference. The main thing holding me back currently is the short term effect of COVID on the universities and potential travel of international students, I think long term will be ok. Have you seen much difference this academic year to last? Any tenants pulling out? Or is
  2. Hi I have been investing/managing single BTL's for 10+ years in South Wales and am considering moving in to investing in HMO's possibly in the same area. I'm looking at both student and professional HMO opportunities and have a number of related questions but my main 2 are: What do people perceive to be the short/medium term outlook for the student HMO market? (What is current/future demand like? Has anyone got experience they could share with me of the market in South Wales?) What areas close to South Wales are potentially strong professional HMO areas? (Again, if anyone wou
  3. Hi tommprop Came across your post a few weeks ago but have only now got around to replying. It peaked my interest as I was in the early stages of completing on a student HMO in the South Wales prior to COVID 19 kicking in. However, over the past few weeks I have been deliberating with pulling out of this deal due to the possibility of having a potentially empty property for the entire academic year (and beyond). You make some valid points in your post, some of which hadn't occurred to me, so thank you. My main concern and something I believe needs to also be considered is the
  4. Hi This is my first post apart from my introduction and am looking for advice as I'm struggling with completing and monitoring my property goals and tasks as I'm quite time poor. Briefly, as it stands I currently have 4 BTL properties all in South Wales that I bought over a period of around 13 years with no specific strategy or goal in mind. And am currently in the process of buying my first HMO. Since listening to the Property Hub podcast, reading some books and completing some further property education, I have decided on a specific strategy going forward in line with my goal
  5. Hi Just a quick introduction from an 'accidental' investor. I currently have 4 BTL properties all in South Wales. These have been bought over 12 years with no specific goal or strategy in mind, only the thought that they would earn me money both monthly and in the future. Only since coming across the Property Hub on Twitter and listening to/reading it's content have I decided on a goal of a specific monthly income figure to allow me the freedom to leave my job and invest full time and possibly manage property, as I have experience of this. My future strategy will mainly include
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