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    I have BTLs in St. Albans, Leeds and Kent, HMOs and short-term/holiday let accommodation. I am mainly looking for flats/apartments and houses within a 1 hour drive of St Albans and development projects.
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    I have been employed in IT since I left college, but I have extensive knowledge of project and programme management (PRINCE 2 practitioner), I also manage budgets and prepare and gain approval for investment cases.
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    I have achieved my goal of retiring from my corporate life career, and I now focus full time on working with my wife Lisa in expanding our property portfolio, working with a variety of different partners on various property opportunities.
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  1. There are some good suggestions here. I will contribute two of my favourite apps. 1. Genius Scan (https://www.thegrizzlylabs.com/), this is fantastic for scanning and sending or storing documents. It works really well, you can email, store or send to GDrive/Dropbox etc. This is just for IOS and there is a free version, but I happily paid a few $ for the full version. This app is especially useful when completing mortgage applications and you need to send recent bank statements and other documents. 2 MileIQ is THE app for recording business mileage. It automa
  2. Hello all. I have a project with 3 stakeholders (property owner, builder & myself) and I need to structure a legally binding deal to ensure clarity or purpose and ensure everyone is paid. The project is to build an apartment on an existing property. The property owner already has planning permission but can't afford the build cost. I have a builder friend who will do the work and get paid either through refinancing or sale of an apartment (there are already 6 other apartments in this large block). Does anyone have any experience or advice for setting up this type of deal and/or using an SP
  3. Thanks Rob, I will look at Capsule which at first glance has potential. It's no surprise that the answer can also be Trello! :-)
  4. Hi, I am looking for a CRM package to help manage my lead pipeline and contacts. I started to use LessAnnoyingCRM but this doesn't have any apps and can only be accessed via the web. What do other people use? I only need something small to start, for two users and something that offers good value for money. Any suggestions on what to use and not use would be very welcome. Thank you. Chris
  5. Charles, I had a problem sending you a PM, so I'm leaving my message here. Hi Charles, I am happy to meet up for a coffee and review property with you, please let me know what days/times are convenient to you. As an aside, I also run the local hub meeting which is the first Thursday of every month, 7pm in the Beech House if that is of interest. Chris
  6. Hi Charles, thanks for the reply which is useful. I will send you a PM about possibly meeting up. Chris
  7. Hi, I think an episode on mentors would be useful, it could cover purpose, value, cost, how to source and work with in partnership. Thanks Chris
  8. Hi all We are about to start refurbishment on our second HMO and wondered whether we should be fitting data points in every room, what do other do? I the first HMO we installed high speed fibre broadband and had Wifi only with a booster on the first floor, but in wondered if data points would be better. Some devices (iPads, MacBooks etc) don't have ethernet ports but with a data point you could instal a router in your room. I would appreciate any feedback or experience from others. Thanks Chris
  9. Hi Kyle I am based in St Albans but currently investing in Bedford with my business partner, we have a purchase progressing which we plan to turn into a HMO. I would be happy to have a quick chat to see if there is any synergy we could build upon. Let me know if this interests you. Thanks Chris
  10. Hi Rob, it's always good to have alternate suppliers but Magnet kitchens are delivered assembled and we have been pleased with the quality, service and price, we have ordered three kitchens since September 2014. Please let me know how you get on and good luck. Chris
  11. Referral email sent Rob, let me know how you get on, good luck. Chris
  12. Hi Rob, we use LNPG (http://www.lnpg.co.uk/) for all our kitchens (Magnet) and bathrooms (Plumbcentre). There is a small membership fee but we find this a great resource dedicated to landlords and we save our membership cost many times over. My builder can't match the prices we are quoted, you can also get boilers, insurance, tiles etc. I can send you a referral if that helps, just send me your email address. I hope this helps. Chris
  13. Paul, thanks I have emailed the electrician to check the details but I would assume there is no energy efficiency difference between the Class 1 and 2
  14. Paul thanks for the update and advice which is well timed. I am having the flat totally refurbished and the electrician has identified which sockets can be used for the radiators which are separate to other sockets. On a related topic, the radiators I am thinking of buying are 'Class 2', apparently these are safer, as they have improved insulation but does anyone know the difference? These radiators do not have 3 pin plugs but should be cabled direct to an electrical 'plate', sorry for non-technical terms.
  15. Thanks for the comments. I have looked at and been recommended many suppliers particularly Rointe, Vanguard and Cali Avanti. I really wanted a system I can control via an app as this is for a holiday home/let and I thought it would be great to control the water and heating remotely, but it looks like most manufactures are about twelve months away from launch. I need to make a decision in the next week, so I will keep you posted. Thanks again. Chris
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