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    Middle-aged English woman living in a remote part of the Highlands with Scottish husband.
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    Holiday lets and renovating dilapidated houses. Prone to falling in love with isolated wrecks. Want to buy some single lets in England at some point.
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    1) To have enough property income to replace my husband's salary so he can retire early.
    2) To bring long-term-empty houses in my area back into use.
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    Trading football odds

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  1. If it's in Scotland, Dawn Walker at The Right Advice https://rightadvice.uk.com/ I don't know if she covers England and Wales though.
  2. What sort of farm is it? Arable, dairy, beef, sheep? What part of the country? What type of land? Your best bet is probably going to be exploring renting some of it to a wind farm developer, we're just doing this as a community with 375 hectares of our common grazing land, but they are slippery suckers (polite version). We're currently looking at an annual rental of £65k a year base, with bonuses if it achieves its projected output, plus a £7.2 million fund available for community use over 25 years, that's in return for having 12 x 150m turbines more or less right on top of our villag
  3. Any possibility of making it available to secure against holiday lets as well as standard BTL? That would be a hugely helpful product for me in the near future if so.
  4. Assuming you are not local to it and/or don't want to spend your weekends cleaning, who will be doing your changeovers? On my larger 3-bed house in the Highlands I pay my housekeeper £190 per changeover - that covers 4 hours of cleaning, laundering bed linen, bath towels, kitchen tea towels, dog-drying towels etc., and emailing guests in advance of their stay and dealing with any pre-arrival queries. It does not cover the welcome pack (around £30 a time depending on which bits are on offer in Tesco), any call outs to the house (£15 an hour), or any garden maintenance (£35 every 2 weeks for g
  5. Be careful doing this in Scotland, if the government gets its proposed short-term let legislation through (which I'm sure it will eventually though it's been postponed a number of times already because they've made such a dog's dinner out of it) then it's going to get a lot more expensive. Full planning permission for change of use will be needed in control areas and every property from a caravan to a castle will need to be licenced at an estimated cost of £1,000-£2,000 a year per property. Licences can be revoked or declined for renewal at any time, trading without a licence would be an off
  6. Not necessarily - depends where the limited company is going to be based, England and Wales or Scotland. I'd go with accountants based in the same jurisdiction as the company and then a solicitor in each.
  7. It's not that common - good article about it here: https://www.moneywise.co.uk/property/buy-sell/doubling-ground-rents-are-ticking-time-bomb
  8. Sorry for the basic question, but does that 4 include your own home? So if I have a mortgage on my own home and two mortgages on two holiday lets, will the next purchase push me into portfolio territory or will it be the one after that? (Haven't had time to read the mag yet, it's sitting on the side in the kitchen, so apologies if it's answered in there!)
  9. Generally you will pay for that 10% up front - what are the purchase prices like compared with similar apartments in the area? Have the companies done any similar schemes in the past where you can compare sold prices from new with the guarantee and re-sold once the guarantee period ends?
  10. Haven't seen it yet, but yes, definitely time for regulation. I was catching up with some property podcasts while I was doing the ironing yesterday and almost burnt a hole in something when I listened to one put out by a property training provider that was suggesting if you didn't have any money to put into property investing, one course of action might be to set up a limited company, set up a SSAS for the ltd co and then transfer your own pension into it which could then be loaned to the company to buy property with. Given that a large percentage of listeners to this type of podcast are goi
  11. I'd only go with Savills if it's a smart area, they tend to be quite top-end. How about Rural Scene? https://ruralscene.co.uk/ Could also try Bell Ingram or Strutt & Parker if they've got offices locally.
  12. If you're buying in Scotland, I'd speak to a Scottish accountant, the tax laws are different. 1% extra on Additional Dwelling Supplement for starters.
  13. Are you absolutely certain they were referring to valuation and not the affordability calculation? Some SA/holiday let lenders will calculate that on projected SA income.
  14. Johnstone's trade is extremely good as well - I'll never go back to retail paint again.
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