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  1. Hi MCfry and Keung Hope you are well. I am an investor in the UK, investing mainly around the North West, i.e. Manchester and i also source property and looking to work alongside Hong Kong investors where i can source property on a yield basis. I particularly work on small 4 bed HMOs secured on a 5-7 year lease with a specific provider, where the lease is fully insured and repairing, so no maintenance or management. I have a full build and management team, to source, renovate and secure the lease, so i offer the full service. I currently have such an opportunity to source, details are: sale price £110,000 rental income, guaranteed on 5-7 year lease £54 per week per room, £11,232 per year, there is no management and no maintenance costs and rent is guaranteed under the lease, so this is a completely hands off investment with guaranteed rental. Yield is 10.2%. if you would be interested please drop me an email on antony.penman@yahoo.co.uk. Any queries just let me know and ill be happy to answer, or if you want a friendly chat more than happy to do that to. Thanks Antony
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