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  1. I guess it depends on your risk appetite. Finance providers do build in stress tests as a safety barrier. You can impose a stricter stress test yourself. Do you have a target of number of properties to hit your cashflow goal ?
  2. From my journey - it is important to know the rules of the game, and the routes to success. I spent a long time trying to get into shape with zero results, and it wasn't until I learnt the rules of the game, and learnt how things work, that I started getting the results. I wasted a lot of effort with nothing to show for it. Turns out the Golden Rules was simple : Calories Deficit Track your calories (I use myfitness pal app), manage yourself and discipline and control. You can not out train a poor diet.
  3. Maybe you can try searching for an off-set mortgage - if they are still available. They off-set the savings in your account against the value of the loan. This type of arrangement is attractive - but of course it comes at a cost, so you will need to do your maths to see which is best for you
  4. Maybe you can connect with the estate agents in the target area first. Let them know your criteria and budget, and have them to share details with you once available. Some might even share details with you even before they are fully published.
  5. Okay, so I just finished the book Getting Things Done by Dave Allan. To apparently the brain is for thinking, finding solutions and creativity, not for storage and recall. So as a recommendation from the book, the habit I am trying to develop is to write all my ideas and to do down, as soon as it comes into my head. This will free up my brain processing power to develop more ideas instead of memorizing existing ideas and to do list. Having the list will also better help to follow up, as the brain often forgets most of the ideas it tries to remember.
  6. There are some really great quotes on habits, such as : "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" and also, "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going" And I have been reading books on how to develop habits, and small habits developed today can have a massive impact over the rest of our lives. So I am interested to know, What habits do you guys have ? What habits do you think is the most valuable and useful especially over the long term, and any suggestions or ideas on how one can start to develop those habits and make those small changes for big impact ?
  7. One topic of discussion playing in my mind at the moment : Is it better to invest for cashflow now, to have more funds to then invest for capital appreciation later, or is it better to invest for capital appreciation now, and then remortgage later to invest in cashflow ? I am looking to invest into property and still reviewing my objectives and strategy. Ultimately want cashflow to be comfortable (maybe 10 - 15 years time) to have the option to stop working. I am not too old or too young - approaching 40 eventually, whilst I have a job which isnt too exciting and I am not progressing as fast as I would like, I am okay with it. I know everyone's situation is different, but what are the things to consider ?
  8. So you have saved capital in the bank ? You could start by investing that in property. The yield from property could be higher than the interest the bank gives you. Plus you have long term capital gains, plus leverage. So by doing so, you should be better off already.
  9. Congratulations and well done to you on your achievements and your success. It is always inspirational hearing what others have done, to see what is possible, and to use it to drive myself in my own journey. Life goals is the key to decision making, and this is something I am giving considerable thoughts too. I am looking at 50k to invest, and will need to invest it in a way the aligns to my objectives. I need to keep an eye on the prize.
  10. Out of interested, did you ever get the spreadsheet you wanted ? I do play with spreadsheets quite often, so can put something together with you if you are interested.
  11. Greetings from Singapore, Any other Hubbers in Singapore or neighbouring countries ?? I am a Chinese born Brit originally from the South Coast (West Sussex), currently living and working in Singapore. I have a BTL in UK, and I will expand my portfolio, working towards generating cashflow streams and a more comfortable future for myself and my family. I am following the property hub podcasts, and the propertytribe forum, Always looking to expand my knowledge, generate new ideas, and inspiring and driving myself forwards. I look forwards to growing, and open to all feedback and suggestions for this life journey. I would love to hear from fellow hubbers, especially if you are Singapore based (I would love to meet with like-minded people with the passion for UK property investing, but seems difficult to network with such in Singapore) Regards
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