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    Sorry to hear of your loss. For your question, I'm no expert here but understand the trigger of inheritance tax is dependent on the value of the estate. In terms of the transfer of title, through the process, if it is agreed by all, it can transfer directly from the estate to your daughter, instead of to the brothers and then to the daughter. (The solicitor can confirm and arrange this)
  2. If you are investing for cashflow - then the calculations matters, and the location isn't so important. It can be anywhere as long as it gives cashflow. If you are investing for capital growth - then location matters. Different locations have different capital growth potential
  3. What if it was a UK limited company, which already has properties ? (and the director was overseas)
  4. Nothing schedule until late August. I'm actually based overseas and trips to the UK are only a couple of times a year. This coming trip I'm planning to review my property in Portsmouth, so heading along the coast to Worthing is quite possible. I owe several people there many beers. So what are you working on at the moment?
  5. Here are a few things that I tried. i stopped having breakfast - well at least not having it first thingin the morning. If you reduce the time window when you are eating, then it is likely you reduce calories consumed. Don't believe the hype about being the most important meal of the day - studies that offered such conclusions were frequently funded by the breakfast and cereal companies. I also switched some of the protein shakes for protein bars. More expensive, but more satisfying and convenient. I always keep one in my bag. A relaxing black coffee and a protein bar would keep hunger away and keep me going for a few hours,
  6. So with 1,500 calories intake a day, do you have an estimation of how much you burn a day? (by the way, I still think 1,500 calories a day is low). Be careful of those cheat days. Lack of discipline and consistency can ruin everything. Many times I have drank more calories in one night than all the calorie deficit of the week combined. A week of hard work lost in a few hours of drinks
  7. You also need to ask "what will happen after the guaranteed 1 or 2 year net yields ?" Would you be able to find tenants and rent out to get a return from the asset ? If all the others properties on the development sold also have the same guaranteed 2 years yield, I would suggest that in 2 years time, they will also be looking to find tenants etc, and so a risk of over-supply which means you have to cut rent (face lower yields) or face possible long void period ?
  8. I have not secured financing whilst overseas, but have bought a few places in UK. For my when a witness or verification was needed, a had a local lawyer in the country I was in, who was a public notary provide the relevant certifications. I do not know if this is an option in your circumstances, but could be worth considering
  9. Personally, I have been looking at 5 year fix. I consider the current interest rates to be relatively low, so there is minimal room for interest rates to fall further. I guess you would also need to consider what is the strategy and plan for the property. If you are looking to re-finance to take out funds in the short/medium term (<5 years), then you might not want a 5 year fix as you could face early redemption penalties. If the plan is to just hold and to sit on the property, then taking a 2 year fix, may result in re-mortgage fees etc in 2 years time which might just be additional costs.
  10. Okay, seriously, Whilst I am not in Worthing, I do know the area and currently have 2 properties there in my LTD, and also interest in another property (All three are flats). I am a West Sussex boy - so whilst you can take a boy out of West Sussex, you cant take the West Sussex out of the boy. I left the area over 10 years ago, and although I know it has changed a lot of that time (I try to visit a couple of times a year), I am happy to share and discuss ideas and to talk about property
  11. Hi James, I am not in Worthing, but you are welcome to buy me beers Thanks
  12. What are your thoughts on buying a place to live in yourself and renting out a room? It can get you onto the property ladder, you can get some income (sometimes as much as covering the mortgage), and it is also tax efficient
  13. Probably not in your existing limited company if you are seeking financing. Many lenders are not keen on mortgages to trading companies. Difficult for them to measure the risk involved.
  14. What is the longer term plan regarding where you will live ? When you rent out this place, what will you both do next ? Buy another place ? Rent a place ? Go travelling ? What you do next might have an impact on what you do now
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