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  1. Then 1st and last options. The LTD taking over management of my personally owned property, possibly as a R2R
  2. I was also left a little unsure and confused with the podcast and also had the understanding that the LTD was a complete separate entity and viewed separately to myself. We learn something everyday
  3. We have a Portsmouth Property WhatsApp chat group if you are interested. https://chat.whatsapp.com/FWCOp5rwqMg4hHOlqZMGbo You can introduce yourself and chat there with others in the Portsmouth area
  4. Hi, Your subject title was Bognor to Brighton, but you talk about Portsmouth, which isn't in that area. Anyway, I have property in Portsmouth and also 2 (maybe soon to be 3) in Worthing. I am hands off, and no longer living in that area. But feel free to ask me questions and I will try to help.
  5. Seems many here are recommending against doing the course. I feel if you have the time and the funds to spare, there is no harm in doing it. I spent over 3 years studying accountancy but never went into accountancy work. I use an accountant for my property business. So although I don't actually use the qualification itself - I feel it has given me a good mindset, and a very good understanding of the numbers - think has been valuable to me
  6. Hi, I have a LTD company holding a couple of my properties, and also a property in my own name. My LTD is pretty quiet, with minimal revenue and minimal expenses at the moment. Is it feasible and wise to have my LTD to manage my personal property. I'm thinking of a rent to rent style agreement. Then any costs or even losses will be under the LTD? But I'm hearing that doing so might impact the LTD to get future financing as the LTD would not be an SPV anymore? What are your thoughts
  7. Hi, I'm also in Singapore (and no plans to return UK in the near future) Also looking to get a BTL for cashflow It has been a struggle at times to get things moving whilst overseas but it can be done.
  8. What happens when the banks fail and we owe the bank money? Such as outstanding debt or mortgages? I owe the bank more money than I have cash on account
  9. Thanks, Very informative, and useful to me as I plan to start discussions with my current lender. Is it correct that the "further advance" / new borrowing will have different terms to the existing borrowing ? I currently have a good mortgage on some good terms, and would like to keep them in place - even if it means additional borrowing is on different terms. So building on the current example, the existing 50k continues on current arrangement, and the additional 20k will have new terms. and to clarify, is it a remortgage will be completely new agreement for the 70
  10. Great! Do capitalise on your network, and their experience and their team. And forums like this is a great place to learn and network too! With the UK in shut down, not much is happening there, so their is a little time to work on your strategy and plan your next steps
  11. On the UK South Coast I am mainly interested in Portsmouth, West Sussex, and also Ashford. Mainly because I know the area and have trusted people on the ground there. Having trusted contacts and a team is going to be very important for certain strategies whilst investing from overseas. I done the student thing before in Portsmouth. It worked well in that, it was a HMO and so made better many than a vanilla let, my student tenants paid a whole semester up front (even paid a whole year up front one year because of international exchange rates), and the students all left in the summer
  12. I certainly miss the old Hong Kong. I left there in 2014 when the Umbrella movement started then. I completely agree to make the most of this time. This is actually a really good opportunity. Originally from the south coast of UK, this is where my portfolio is (as well as a place in Taipo Hong Kong - a place I am sure you are aware of). What and Where are you looking at ?
  13. Hi Neil, Happy to chat - I am a property investor based in Singapore, and started my portfolio when I was living in Hong Kong. I would normally say we can meet up for coffee as I am in HK quite often - but actually I have stopped travelling to HK over the past few months, and I do not think I will be travelling there any time real soon,
  14. Hi, I have been watching the Youtube channel : Optimise - UK Property Tax Specialists You can have a search, I found some interesting property accounting and tax info there,
  15. I would agree it sounds a little ambitious. 200k to return 64k in a year.
  16. I wonder what is the status of the deposit in the current environment. It seems quite a few deals have been falling apart. Why are they selling? If they are part of a chain, or looking to buy a new place too, then they might have been impacted by Covid too? But also agreed that for 2.5k that should be quite a bit of an effort.
  17. I'm thinking of remortgaging by rental property to pull out cash to reinvest. If the property market crashes, then my next investment will be a better price for me
  18. But is it feasible to remortgage the current buy to let to take out some equity, and so there is cash that way?
  19. You could add political / social unrest. Maybe it seems very unlikely, but possible and does happen. I have a property in HK. The property value and rental demand has fallen after 6 months of protests. I didn't see it coming and it didn't seem likely before it happened. Completely out of expectation and out of my control
  20. I am curious, does the property have to be sold to the LTD ? Can it just be a Directors Loan ? or can it be a gift ?
  21. Couple of random considerations I thought of when reading this > What is your goal? Being a high rate tax payer, all incremental income will be taxed accordingly, be it rental from your property or dividend from your company > Does the property have potential for long term capital appreciation? If so, and that aligns with your goals, keep it and focus on the long term and any months profit is just a bonus.
  22. Can the LTD company losses be off set against capital gains to reduce the taxable profit?
  23. Good luck with all, and wish you the best. FYI, For the LTD, it is not really advisable to put your residential home in it (Tax complication).
  24. Hi, I am not really an accountant, so I am not fully up to date and you should check with someone in the know. My understanding is that : - You can use a Deed of Trust, which can make your wife a beneficiary of the property you own, and thereby utilizing her capital gains allowance. - But the effectiveness of doing so will also depend on if you fully own the property or if there is an outstanding mortgage. If there is an outstanding mortgage, you will need to contact your bank regarding the transfer - and not that stamp duty might be incurred. -If you are a higher tax ban
  25. I was going to say possible overseas. I had tenants before pay large payments for several months in advance before, and they were from overseas and making use of their favourable exchange rates. Typically students There might be more individuals doing this now given the current currency exchange rates. Would of also explained why they were uncontactable.
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