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  1. Hi I am currently applying for change of use planning permission to allow me to operate a 7 bed HMO. The application is in with the council and I am confident that it will met the local requirements re the building and design' layout etc. I Was expecting some comments re parking provisions and we have prepared approaches regarding this . However we have already had the following Consultee Comment added to the Council Planning Portal from the Council's Environmental Health Team The air quality SPD usually requires one electric vehicle charging point (EVCP) per residential dwelling however, despite seven dwellings being created, only two parking spaces are available. Therefore, in this case, two 32 amp electric vehicle charging points (EVCPs) must be provided prior to the occupation of the development. I was wondering if anyone has had experience of installing such points and specifically: Are HMOs eligible for the Govt's Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) How does one approach charging for the power (given bills are all inclusive) and stop neighbours/others from using the EVCPs any other nuggets of knowledge, hints/tips or watch-outs? Thanks in advance for your help with this Tim
  2. Guys I'm looking for some advice. is it OK to do the self management of a property (its only one initially) via a separate company I own (100%). Rent would be paid to the company, then the company pays me say 90% of the rent as the landlord and retains the 10% as a management fee. I am already an employee of the company as I do other consultancy for it - and I genuinely am doing the management as an employee. I am not intending to do this service for anyone else. The company has no financial interest in the property and the AST is directly between the tenants and me as a private individual - the company is simply the managing agent as Foxtons or ReedsRains etc would be. Benefit for me is that my rental income is reduced which helps keep me in a lower income tax bracket and I can take the 10% out at a later date tax free if I wish by simply repaying a directors loan I previously made to the company. Would welcome any comments/feedback/watch-outs about this arrangement.
  3. I have still found HSBC OK re rates and not heard the Jersey or overseas property limitations but think you may be right re them not being interested in smaller sums. I am based in Singapore, have a UK mortgage with them already and am a Premier customer which may affect eligibility. If no joy with HSBC I have had a good experience with the broker Liquid Offshore based out of Manchester - they seem to trawl the global market not just UK lenders. Please do your own due diligence though. Best of Luck Tim
  4. Sorry for being so slow to chip in on the topic of expat mortgages I am based in Singapore these days but did do a 4 year stint in HK a while back so weird to think of you all meeting in Exchange Sq!! I am sure many of you will know this already but HSBC can be quite strong for expats especially if you bank with them via their Premier service ( we got a large 3 yr fixed BTL loan at 2.49% a 3-4 months ago). Also we found Liquid Offshore quite a good broker - based near Manchester but they put us in touch with UOB (a large Singapore based bank) who lent us money when most of the traditional UK based guys were reluctant due to size of loan). I was put in touch with them by another SG based UK expat who got a smaller loan for an Essex property from NatWest arranged via Liquid Offshore Obviously please don take my word for it do you own Due Dil on these guys best of Luck Tim
  5. Totally agree - one of the most interesting podcasts to date - real, tangible stuff. Also like Scott's idea of braioadeening it to other member's examples - there's nothing like real world examples to fire the imagination & enthusiasm
  6. Got a few bits and bobs below which a friend of min shared with me when buying a house as a home not just for investments purposes - a couple of which others have already mentioned but here you go! · Turn on your mobile to check you get as decent signal. · If possible, go on a rainy day, to see if the gutters leak. · Again if possible inspect the loft during the day - look for light (holes in roof!) and also check out the state of timber/joists etc. For the outside, take binoculars to see if the roof has any missing/slipped tiles. · Basic plumbing checks: o Flush toilets and turn on the taps ( look at cupboards underneath sinks – should be dry). o Check water pressure and that the water heats up. o Switch on the boiler and turn on the central heating & check the radiators for leaks and rust, and that they ALL get hot right across the whole rad. · Security checks: ideally the front & back doors should have a five lever mortice deadlock. Does the property have windows locks (any signs of break-­ins?) · Floors - check for damage and stains under rugs or mats - some people do use this old chesnut to hide stuff!
  7. Christo I am by no means an expert on this but I have had success via 3 routes: 1. HSBC - if you are a UK citizen (but non-resident) they are happy to lend on UK property (esp. if you are one of their Premier customers) - not sure what the position is if you are not a citizen or an account holder. Also not sure if account holders includes Hang Seng account holders - I am sure you can find out more via their UK website. They will lend on up to 5 BTL properties and up to £1m loan size on a 65% or 75% LTV 2. I and others (again UK citizens although non-residents) have had some positive outcomes with the broker Liquid Offshore who are based out of Cheshire. Please note I am not recommending them, I would urge you to od your own due diligence but they did do a good job for me 3. One of my current BTLs in London is on a mortgage from UOB (based out of Singapore) -with an OK rate of 3.61% on quite a large sum hope this helps & good luck Tim
  8. Hi Originally from the North West but also spent time as a kid in North East but then lived and worked in Birmingham & London before stints in Hong Kong, Malaysia & now Singapore Dabbled in BTL for quite a while but never had the time to take it seriously while building a more conventional corporate career. Set myself a goal of making time in 2015 and now moving from the early research phase into more serious planning and then action later in the summer. Many questions still to be asked re location, tax, building a team, financing, flipping vs BTL or combination of the two etc etc. Looking forward to meeting up with a few of you at the PH Summit in London on 26th July. In the meantime, does anyone out there have good knowledge or contacts in the Banbury/Bicester (M40 J10-J6 corridor) for Agents, Auctions, Trades, Solicitors etc Similarly If any of you have any questions re Singapore or Asia in general I'll be happy to help if I can - but don't look at the property prices in SG - it'll make your eyes water ! Tim
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