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  1. thanks for your answers guys. can a bridge cover the renovation costs too?
  2. Hi everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked before. If I buy a house for cash do i have to wait 6 months until I can get a mortgage on it? Thankyou for any advice given.
  3. Hi everyone. I have explored all the possible routes of property investment in my research and found that the cash flow generated by hmo property fits my goals and situation best. I currently work abroad and very long hours and my work and family life balance is really not good. I want to replace my income as fast as possible so i can change things. My question is...can anyone recommend a property sourcer who can get me into hmos? Without me being ripped off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
  4. Thank you. Back to the drawing board!
  5. Hi there. I am about to purchase 2 flats for 25k each. Is it possible to either mortgage them individually or together under one mortgage. It is for a ltd company purchase and they are both RICS valued at 35k? It is possible for me to buy them for cash to begin with and then I would need to mortgage them. Any advice would be greatly recieved. Thankyou.
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