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  1. I think this is populist law pandering to the tenant bodies - Shelter / Gen Rent etc. I agree 'No Fault' evictions are harsh - but most aren't 'No Fault' and if S8 was actually effective LLs wouldn't use S21. I would prefer to see longer notice periods - perhaps 1 month per year of tenancy. My concern is that S8 will not be significantly strengthened & that going to court to remove a tenant in rent arrears or behaving badly will still be a long & costly process for LLs. As for pets - the problem became worse when pet deposits were removed & insurance is not a viable alternative in my book. Saying LLs can't withold permission unreasonably is not the same as having a right to have a pet & a lot of tenants will be disappointed that they still can't have one. Until pet deposits are reinstated many LLs will resist this. Blanket bans on pets & children (not even heard of that) will not be a problem. In the same way as 'No DSS' isn't really a problem - LLs will just choose other tenants for other reasons - ie better credit history. The biggest problem here is that many LLs see this as the last straw. Extra taxation, extra regulation etc have put most costs on to LLs and now they will sell up. At a time when we are in a housing crisis - low availability, high cost, large rent rises - this is the last thing the market wants or needs. However, this will be small numbers compared to the exodus that will occur if EPC C comes in.
  2. You can choose whether to rent the property or not. My concern would be that a landlord who lets out a property in this state may not be a particularly good landlord - I wouldn't rent it out unless it was properly cleaned. On the other hand, when you leave you won't be expected to leave it cleaner than it is now - make sure you take lots of picture and document any stains etc. Really, it's up to you. Most of that looks like condensation - my guess it the loft hatch isn't insulated so condensation collects on it & mould in corners of windows isn't unusual. If you like the property & it is a good price etc then take it & clean it to your standard.
  3. I have seen no signs that this proposal may be dropped but I have seen no signs that the Govt will continue with it. This in itself is a problem because Los are not being given clear information. I think the Govt is hoping we will all just do it so they won't have to legislate, but many, especially older Los, are just waiting to see when it comes it before planning our exit strategy. With the current lack of rentals & the rent increases this is fuelling only a mad, bad or stupid Govt would continue with this folly. Unfortunately this Govt may be all 3!
  4. The whole thing has become a bit redundant really since Putin invaded Ukraine. Unfortunately the PRS hitting EPC C will not save the planet - Europe is going back to burning coal & environmental concerns have been put on the back burner. Net Zero 2050 is just not going to happen now - all because an arrogant despot decided to invade its neighbour and bomb it to hell
  5. If you lay insulation that is 10-15cm thick you are going to raise all you floor levels which will foul all your doors; cause havoc in your kitchen & bathroom & might stop your front door opening. This is not straight forward!
  6. They need to log every abusive incident & report them to the police or the Council. Not sure how effective either are but it is your only course of action really.
  7. Main employers in Derby are Rolls Royce & Bombardier. There is a university & a large hospital plus all the usual shops & businesses in a town.
  8. The area between the city & the hospital between Uttoxeter New Road and Burton Road (called California) is pretty good - lots of people working at the hospital or students of you prefer. Becomes a bit rougher if you drop down into Normanton. Sold a 3 bed Victorian for £145k last year.
  9. If the vendor is struggling to sell it is likely you would too. Think very hard before buying a possible problem.
  10. I don't think dressing it will affect the valuation.
  11. Unless you employ people you don't need employers liability so I would go with the other.
  12. Most don't give you an exemption unless the property is derelict but equally most don't charge extra until its been empty at least a year. In order to gain the 25% discount by living there alone you would need to be able to prove you lived there ie changing address for banks, phones TV licence etc. You just need to accept it as a cost - at lest it is tax deductible.
  13. I'm afraid it is really a buyer beware scenario - you could've got your own plumber in during the buying process who could've told you there was a problem & you could've negotiated a reduction, but once the conveyance is completed it is pretty difficult to get the seller to pay anything - and it could end up costing you more in fees. At least replacing the boiler now should give you several years of trouble free heating and hot water. For the future - never rely on the sellers reports - if in doubt get your own.
  14. I imagine she wants to be on the tenancy so she can claim LHA. Can't really see any major problem with it but I would start a new tenancy rather than adding to the existing one. Make sure you cover all the bases of deposit, prescribed information, inventory etc.
  15. SDLT is the first big hurdle and that depends on values, the second would be whether your residential property is actually suitable for a BTL. The costs of selling & rebutting your existing home can be set against the SDLT los for comparison but the real big one for me would be whether I could bear to see my old home trashed by tenants.
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