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  1. There are people who rent for flexibility, work, retirement. Lots of people choose to rent as it suits them so I don't think you need to worry on that score. We are woefully short of property so as long as you buy well you should have no problem. Top Tip: Don't buy anything that you can't get to an EPC C easily
  2. If you are inexperienced in housing then a Homebuyers is fine on most houses. Something old &/or unusual might need a structural survey. We gave up having surveys as we think we can spot most problems and after 2 surveyors looking around a house we were selling failed to spot a chimney!! We have a really close look round in place of a survey where we look in more detail than when viewing. If you don't trust your own judgement then get a survey - its a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things and often provides a useful list of jobs to do
  3. Depends what it says in your lease. They are unlikely to block it but they might raise a charge so read your lease first.
  4. I think you need a bigger budget for a nice area. I've just paid £130k for a 3 bed in Mapperley that needs a £12l refurb. £100-110 is putting you in Netherfield or St Annes - not places I would choose to buy. Really you're going to need £150k wish to make this work IMO. Good luck
  5. Just replied to James on his thread in 'Hello from the Midlands' about this so check that out. Got to say £120k is quite low and will put many areas out of reach. Market has been frantic over the last year, especially for properties that are ready to go. Its an example, 've just paid £130k for a 1970s 3 bed in Mapperley that needs a £12k refurb. Good luck
  6. Hi James, Areas of Nottingham really depend on what market you are going for and your budget. But here's a little run down from my perspective: Beeston: great little place on the outskirts. Tram gives brilliant access and it'd own shopping area. Great for post grads & families. Pricey though now. Anything in the city centre: great for young professionals St Annes: No Mapperley: Easy access to the city, cheaper area Carlton / Gedling : great for families, bit more expensive West Bridgeford : very popular but very pricey (local saying is its a
  7. Laminate all the time - looks good and lasts reasonably well.
  8. Beware of electricians offering very cheap tests then finding very expensive work to do. Try to find someone you trust. Oh...and don't forget to do your own home - how many of us live in houses with substandard electrics?
  9. Welcome! Nottingham is a good place for rentals, but there are good places and bad so do your homework. You should also be aware that we have Selective Licensing in the city and an Article 4 directive requiring planning permission for HMOs (if you are going that route). You might also want to join DASH which will give you access to training and a discount on your SL Fee if you buy in Nottingham. My one tip for buying a rental - make sure you can achieve an EPC C - legislation is going to make this necessary sooner or later (currently possible in 2025) so don't but a Victorian /
  10. Most lenders won't lend unless you have a minimum income - usually about £20k so I think you will struggle.
  11. Just find a good plumber - use them to do your annual service and gas safety & then call on them if you have a problem.
  12. I have completed your survey - perhaps you would sign my petition? https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/559700
  13. It is once every 5 years (England) not each new tenant. Your next test is due before the 5 year anniversary of the first one, whether or not you have a change of tenant at that time.
  14. I have been told that there is an upgrade in the EPC algorithm coming soon that will recognise that electricity can be very green and gas is a carbon fuel. Hopefully this might help those of us with electric heating
  15. If you already know Nottingham I would buy there. It can be quite easy to buy a property in the 'wrong' street and if you already know Nottingham use that knowledge. Nottingham is a great place for rentals at present so I would've thought the advantages of knowing the areas outweighs anything you might find elsewhere.
  16. Pretty sure you can just issue a section 21 - but it will require 6 months notice. If you are on good terms with your tenant why not just explain you want to sell and ask them to look for another property. By not issuing a section 21 they can be really flexible which they might prefer.
  17. If its the same as England (and it may not be )legally you cannot charge for your time to dispose of their belongings - only any costs actually incurred. If you can charge `I would suggest £20 per hour + £20 per tip run
  18. I believe, if done properly, it will make a significant improvement to the insulation of your property, reducing heating bills and improving your EPC. It will also probably improve the appearance of the rear of the house. I probably wouldn’t do the front which would spoil the character and might require planning permission. Under the grant it is pretty affordable. The downside would be done badly it might cause problems with damp so try to use a reputable installer. As to adding value, I don’t think it will at the moment but it might make it more saleable if the rear is more attracti
  19. Landlordzone, another great forum, recently wrote an article about my petition. The story is here: https://www.landlordzone.co.uk/news/landlord-launches-e-petition-to-challenge-flawed-epc-rules/ and the petition here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/559700 Gaining an EPC C will be very difficult for many LLs, so I believe the process must be fairer. If you agree please sign my petition. 😀
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