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  1. Hi all, I have a small portfolio of single let’s, and have now got to the point of feeling a little braver! I have found a 5 bed HMO and weighing up my options. My initial thoughts are: 1) that it’s not to the standard I would want to live in, which I have always followed but then I don’t want to live in a HMO, so wonder if I need to discount this rule I’ve previously followed. 2) There’s nothing that makes it outstanding, no en-suite, rooms are small to medium (all doubles), Decoration, bathrooms and kitchen are average. So why would this rent if not the best around. Altho
  2. They asked me as well, luckily I’d already got a mortgage advisor who had run a comparison in company name, attached it waited a few days for a human to look at it, passed. No issues since.
  3. Hi, 1) get a couple of quotes, you can see these online, problem is if you hit complications fees get added. You will also need to find out what solicitors ate on the lenders list. 2) generally all communication will go via the agent and the vendor may want this as they’re paying for it, but direct communication is always quicker and easier, but can also turn unpleasant should you need to renegotiate on a price or get a delay. 3) I would get a full survey, the problem with flats is the leaseholder can just hit you with costs on repairs. A survey gives an idea on what may come up
  4. Get the post was younger in cheek, but I see no issue, they’re likely to stay as their invested. If they want to leave and the works not to standard, is it below the bond amount to get back. I suspect not having lived there 3+ years
  5. I’d start at the 22k, you have a professional report to back this up, then when you eventually go 50/50 your £1k better than you initial £10k. the work required makes those bits new, your offer is for a used/lived in house. Probably fair that you therefore pay for som of the betterment, which you could then possibly delay.
  6. If it’s tenanted, I like to see rental amount, and length of term on lease. I know you can switch agents, but often as it’s the same agent selling that manages it, your offer is put forward in a better light if they retain the business.
  7. I prefer to see the service and ground rent charges in the advert. Allows me to consider leasehold at time rather than having to bother agent and waste more time.
  8. I’ve recently switched to the website when viewing as they have a notes section, agree having notes on app would be better
  9. 6 years on...., I use Forefront, changed from Squence (Alan & Harris) who were to big to deal with the issues as everything goes through a call centre
  10. I’m getting this same issue, I’ve just called an agent about 7 properties on RM, 5 added yesterday. Of the 7 that I wanted to view, 4 are now under offer the other 3 have fully booked viewing days and I’m on the reserve list. Absolutely crazy!
  11. I’d look for deposit security and long stop date. There’s a podcast on buying off plan. id also factor in service charge doubling to see your profit. Developers keep it low to sell units then raise it to build up sinking funds and repair the work they went cheap on initially.
  12. We moved to Leicestershire, it takes about 2 hours to get to Swindon from here, but also within 2 hours I could be in Manchester or Leeds so really opened up what was accessible. In the end I went for Nottingham ad Derby, both 30-40 mins away so close but not always passing and wondering what’s going on. Speak to Forefront property, Claire deals with day to day and is great, Tristan owns it but also invests. General rule for Swindon, avoid it if it starts with a P.
  13. I’m an accidental landlord of two properties in Swindon, both rent really quickly 1 does really well, the other doesn’t but think that’s more to do with its build spec. I’ve started investing in the Midlands now (also within 2 hours of London). I can recommend an excellent agent in the area if you want, I’ve used a few there.
  14. I feel your pain, I see properties come on arrange a viewing for the weekend and find they’ve sold before I even view. I’m keen to invest as well and don’t want to rush in and offer without viewing, or only viewing after work in the dark. having said that I’ve been looking at my budget then trying to buy the best in that range, I need to start looking at properties that are sticking above my budget and put in a offer of what I value them at and work harder on the sales pitch. I know this is obvious to most, but it does take more time and thinker skin when told where to go!
  15. I’ve done the survey and signed the petition. Good luck with both
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