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  1. I posted a question recently about what you would do if you were given 200k. The kind reply I received raised another question so I have posted in this new thread. We purchased a leasehold property and it has pretty much been a nightmare. I feel quite embarrassed to admit the following but I guess that is what somehow drove me to look into a property portfolio - i.e. You seem to learn SO much the first time round and would never do it the same again...I wont give you all the blow by blows, but here it is in a nutshell: During completion (probate sale), the freeholder was almost entire
  2. Thanks for the reply Jason, much appreciated! As far as our property being "low maintenance"...well this raises a good question as to what context to take into consideration. I will explain more and move my question into a new thread called "Freeholder where are you?". Be good to see if you have any advice.
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your advice in the forums - we are a young couple who are looking at investing for the first time. We have a scenario where we would like to see what you would do if you were in our shoes. We would appreciate your sage advice - no matter how harsh it is! Here is the situation: We 'own' a leasehold property in London (South Norwood SE25 / rentable income estimated @ 1000/1100 PCM). We were lucky enough to have my parents give us £200k in order to do this on the proviso that we give them £700 (fixed) back in 'repayments' per month for 20 years. We
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