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  1. Hi Dennis, it is known by multiple names I believe, but here is some insight: https://www.app.college.police.uk/app-content/mental-health/awol-patients/safe-and-well-checks/
  2. If they had paid, surely you are contractually bound to hold the property whether they live in it or not? Perhaps they simply cancelled services on the wrong date and have no phone. On a personal level, you could contact the non-emergency police number for a "safe and well" check?
  3. Hi all, We are looking to acquire a 3 bedroom property (75 Sq Metres) which requires full renovation; kitchen, bathroom, electrics, boiler, guttering, internal doors...only the roof and external windows and doors seem to be okay. It needs so much in terms of modernisation that the initial mortgage company have refused to lend against it. While I have estimated the cost of this, and have added 20% contingency, I'm aware that my experience is somewhat outdated. Would anyone be able to recommend somebody locally, or perhaps know where I could compare my estimate? Any advice would be appreciated, as I'm looking to see whether I should simply pull out, or go for a reduced offer to make it worthwhile.
  4. Please correct me if I'm wrong but... You'd miss out on the stamp duty relief from buying your first home, although you could always buy a place for you to live in, then in a couple years, buy another to move to and rent yours out? BTL mortgages are secured mostly on the property you buy. I think there was a podcast about this topic recently.
  5. Hi Kent, I am currently below this threshold, however my employer recently introduced a bonus structure which, on its own, could bring me over this threshold. The figures on the deal I have will also bring me around £10 below this threshold, so with any fluctuation, or salary increase, I could see myself past the tipping point.
  6. Thank you, I'm just taking the course now and it's very good! I'm also following up on a few leads (it turns out I knew an accountant!), but will keep Rita 4 Rent in mind.
  7. Hi, If anyone would be kind enough to offer advice or recommendations, then it would be massively appreciated. My goal is to slowly build up to 3/4 properties, medium to long term reinvestment with my partner, relying on my employment for day-to-day living costs. I have put in an offer on my first BTL/refurb which has been accepted. I have discussed this with an accountant, who suggested this is best purchased under a LTD company to be more tax efficient. They have offered to do our accounts, but the fee is £72 per month, per director, which would largely eat in to our profits on a single BTL. My questions are: At this stage, can we self manage a company? Are there any useful tools you would recommend in tracking expenses for year-end filing? Is an accountant worth it for one BTL? If yes, would you recommend anyone? Again I would really appreciate any input in to this. While I'm comfortable tracking and identifying expenses and profits, tax just confuses me.
  8. Hey Simon, sorry this wasn't my exciting announcement. I had just posted this as the Property Hub Development kit was announced (with these tools). Thanks for sharing this however!
  9. Looks as though I won't be needing this now...! Exciting announcement (not mine).
  10. Hi all, Loving the site and forum so far. I'm looking to go for my first BTL and before I act, trying to soak up as much information as I can. I understand the need for good goal setting and analysis of a potential investment, but am trying to avoid recreating the wheel in terms of physical spreadsheets. Can anybody recommend any good, free or paid for, ROI/Yield excel spreadsheet calculators? I have downloaded and adapted the simple one from PropertyHub. Edit: I have tried to search the forums, however I don't think my terminology is correct. Thanks in advance.