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  1. Hello guys , Thank you for your replies , i think i need to clarify a few things from my post . i live in the flat with my fiancé and baby boy , i can’t just get rid of baby furniture or furniture which i can assure you is very nice . we actually have a viewing tomorrow from a first time buyer which could be successfully. i’m amazed with the comments about it not being desirable ? it’s a modern block ( built in 90’s ) and refurbished 3 years ago into flats - it’s not a 60’s block . we are 2 miles from beaconsfield which if people don’t know one of the most appealing places to l
  2. Hi derek Thanks for your replies and advice with my post. I think we are looking at a pre brexit market which clearly has a lot of potential buyers sitting down . we will see post brexit and see if things change . The flat i’m confident will sell - has everything and area is lovely . we will have to see - i think it has a 5% yield for investor type buyers . Is there something i can do to reach these people bar what’s happening already ? Tom
  3. it’s close to everything inc the motorway to london . The estate agent has put it in the paper , online markets , featured property a lot. is there anything else you think could help ? Regards Tom
  4. Thanks derek , The flat above for sale is 35k more in price and is a bit bigger in fairness. we will look at new pics and limit the furniture. The area is very nice and close to beaconsfield which is a really nice place and great connection to london. Could it be brexit delay in possible suitors ? i genuinely think it’s a great buy? Maybe it will sell soon
  5. Hi please see below flat. its been up for sale 10 weeks , ideal investor / couple/ first time buy. All appliances , furniture offered , modern , lovely area - close to station and a40 to london in 30 mins. parking spaces for x2 we have had 2 viewings , can i have some feedback re this flat as to why we aren’t getting views? for me it’s well priced ( reduces from 215k) has everything . https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-69002338.html
  6. Hello all, I just wanted to see if i could i have some feedback in regards to my flat i have for sale. It’s been up for sale 10 weeks and only had 2 viewings . Just had internet report through saying 1850 views on rightmove. We have reduced price , flat is only 3 years old . I see it as ideal for investor or ftb . Can i have some feedback please .Thanks Tom https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-69002338.html
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