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    Thanks for the support Kem! Yes I shall be taking your advice and making use of the forum and online resources. I expect you will see me pop up from time to time hopefully giving back as well as asking for some good advice! Jojo
  2. Good luck Adam! Looking forward to your next update and hearing how you've progressed. Jojo
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    Hey everybody, I am from the South West : Plymouth to be exact! Our goal is to have acquired a portfolio of 5 properties over the next 5 years targeting properties that hopefully maximise our chances of generating capital growth. My husband and I have just completed on our first buy to let flat in Leeds, so we are on our way!! We are hoping to buy a second property in early 2020 in Birmingham as my husband is relocating there for work, so the plan is to get to know the area well, attend some meet ups, make some contacts and then hopefully source a good deal. I am a complete newbie, but if can be of assistance to others on our journey I will of course be happy to share our experiences. Jojo
  4. Hello there! I am in exactly the same situation and am very interested to know what decision you made in the end Pip and how you fared? I spoke to my accountant and he suggested having the first one drafted by a solicitor and then using it as a template for future properties as HMRC would then be obliged to accept them?...... is this the case does anyone know?? Any other advice or insight would be very much appreciated! Thank you! Jojo
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering what the general feelings are about investing in city centre studio flats as opposed to one bed flats on the outskirts of town? Thanks Jo