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    Reasonably new property investor. Have two BTLs in Manchester. Looking out for a BTL in Sheffield.
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    BTLs which need a modern refurb to add value.
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    Self employed in health and fitness area with lots of free time. Happy to help out with refurbs and be hands on.
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    To have all my income from property in the next five years. Aiming for £3000/mth.
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    Health and fitness

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a recommendation for a good property Accountant in Sheffield or surrounding area. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Julia, I’ve sent the MCOL an email to see how they can help.
  3. Thanks, yeah I was hoping to get some advice on here. Not sure if it’s possible to sue for my money back plus costs? And true I don’t want to spend a lot to get £9k back.
  4. Hi, are there any solicitors on here who could give some advice on going down the litigation route in order to get a deposit returned from a off plan development that I pulled out of after the long stop date. Or has anyone been in this situation? It for a city centre development in Liverpool with a hotel group/developers. I pulled out after the long stop date in May last year and I’m still owed the balance of the deposit that was not in a stakeholder account. I have tried everything I can to negotiate with them but they don’t respond through their solicitors. It’s £9k so not a m
  5. Hi Seb, Sounds good. Happy to catch up when you get to Sheffield. Seamus
  6. Hi Steve, welcome to Sheffield. I’d definitely be up for a pub meet when this madness is over. Or even a networking walk somewhere. I agree about the postcodes!
  7. Hi Andy, thanks for the message and welcome to Sheffield. I didn’t have any luck finding anyone unfortunately. I’ve just been here since Aug so fairly new too. Just getting to know the city. I’m in S11 near the city. Going to try and view a place this week hopefully. Where are you based?
  8. Hi Mike, congrats on the purchase. I would definitely be up for a catch-up. We are in Tier 3 for now but a walk and talk works for me. I’m in S118HA. I’ll send you my phone number. I can also refer you to a property WhatsApp group that might be useful.
  9. Hi, I’m interested in chatting to people who are sourcers in these locations. Ideally looking for a commercial premise that can be repurposed to Resi under PD rights. But I am open to finding a good BTL with opportunity to add value. Thanks !
  10. Yes, put it down to experience. Next time you might negotiate something better. Although buying off plan is a risky business as I have sadly found out.
  11. I could be wrong but if you have completed then I think there is not much you can do. You have already agreed the price. It is possible they could have been spinning you a line or some buyers might have dropped out and they then dropped the price in order to sell them on ASAP. I'm currently negotiating a £10k reduction on an off plan apt. Its a very long story though as i have a lot of history with this developer. But I do know that it is possible do negiotiate on price but it depends on the Developer, the stage of the development, the time of year and what you can give to them
  12. HI, I've used Open Rent three times now and am a big fan. Its a very simple platform to use and and steps you through the whole process. I'm self employed so my time is flexible which means i can advertise my properties, see potential candidates and tie everything up way quicker than relying on Agents. Its also a lot cheaper than going through an agent and everything can be done through them including reference checks, inventory reports, contracts, deposit registration and insurances plus reminders for things such as Gas Safety checks. Its also a good way to learn about all the things
  13. Hi, I'm new to Sheffield and I was just wondering if there were any property networking groups operating in these Covid times? I'm living in S11 very close to the city. Fairly new to property investing. Have two BTLs in Manchester which are going well but one Off Plan purchase in Liverpool that has gone bad. Not a great situation but one way to learn fast about off plan investments and the numerous pitfalls and traps. In the absence of any property networking groups here I would be happy to shout someone a coffee/lunch to get make some contacts and learn a bit about the pr
  14. Thanks Conor, I move on Sunday next week. Might give you a shout once I'm settled. Seamus
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