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    I Run a small Renovation/Refurbishment company in Kent. I have always been interested in property and now I am interested in Investing as well.
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    Buy to flip, Buy to lets, Auction purchases, Refurbishments, Investment strategies,
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    I have a good amount of knowledge in carpentry, construction, refurbishments and interior fit outs.
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    I want to create a portfolio that gives me the financial freedom
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    Learning new skills and Travel

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  1. Thanks for your advice. Also sorry for the late reply. I have now spoken to a mortgage advisor about releasing the equity and qualifying for a BTL mortgage. Everything looks promising so far and I cannot wait to get started. Wish me luck.
  2. Hi Paul, I am also interested in this strategy. So will be following this post. I am able to release equity from my current property but I think a BTL mortgage may be too slow to secure a good deal from a vendor. So interested to see if bridging finance might be the answer.
  3. Hi Everyone, I am brand new to the world of property investment but have been involved in construction all my adult life. I run a Refurbishment/Renovation business in the South East. My goal now is to start a portfolio that will allow me to have more free time. I am keen to learn and eager to succeed but would greatly appreciate any help or advice on offer for someone new to the game. My strategy would be to buy BTL's that require some renovation so I can add value and keep the cash flowing. I am self employed and so is my Fiance although we have equity in our current pro
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