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  1. hi Roxanne,


    I just moved to Richmond and wondered if any plans for a meet up in Feb or March?


    Hope to meet you soon!


    best wishes,

    1. mark little

      mark little

      @Roxane - apologies for name typo!!

  2. Thanks for organising last night's meet up in Richmond.

  3. Hello all, I am ready to move away from my filling cabinet and onto the cloud. I've not used Evernote or Onenote yet so this is a fresh start. Rob Dix said he was eventually going to move to Onenote... I would like your thoughts and experience of both systems. If anyone is using one note or Evernote what are the benefits to one or the other for a property business. What is the thing that OneNote does that makes it the better tool??? Rob I've message you separately on linked in but if you are able to let me know your thoughts/advice that would be great. Soon I will be getting s
  4. Hello, I've recently discovered Roomster on (or linked to) Facebook. Do you use it? Is it any good? When I had a quick look I was not overly impressed. Maybe my area is too remote. If anyone is using Rooster with any success can you please let me know how you use it and how many enquiries you expect to get from it when advertising a room/flat. I think there are different levels to the account that you can pay into. I've only seen the free entry level. So if you have a higher paid for level I would appreciate your thoughts on the benefits. Thanks Roxane
  5. Hi Jason, I met with Ranjan Bhattacharya a property investor yesterday and he has written a post budget 'survival guide'. One of his suggestions is to set up a declaration of trust for each property to a limited company to help managed the future tax implications. Does this make sense? Would this help with your future property planning? Along with the free survival guide there is a spreadsheet that helps assess the tax implications for your current property scenario. I'm still getting through the document but thought as you are referencing your future strategies in line with the r
  6. Hi James, Jim is certainly entertaining. Another person you should consider looking up in the HMO space is Matthew Moody. He has a book called Cracking the Property Code as well as an HMO blueprint. The blueprint is available free from his website (at least it was last year). Matthew deals with working tenants and seems to have higher quality spec of HMO. Hope this helps, Roxane
  7. Hello, I am refurbishing a house to be ready to be marketed by mid-July. This is a 4 bedroom end terrace home ideal for a family of which I intend to let unfurnished. It is an ex-local authority property. I want it to stand out and make it desirable and ideally fetch a healthy monthly rent. My questions to all you existing landlords are as follow: 1. Do you stage your properties for rental? 2. if yes - how much furniture to you stage the house with? 3. If yes do you have a company stage it for you (rent furniture for a few weeks?)? Do you buy the furniture and bring them ar
  8. Hello all - I have been a quiet member of the property hub for quite some time. I have certainly underused this networking opportunity.... the reasons for my silence are possibly because I'm a bit shy, I feel I may not be experienced enough to have a voice and I am also time poor with 3 young children!!! I need to break out of my comfort zone and start making connections so that I can speed up my learning... and actions!! I am using the questions that Rob suggests for the introduction... so here it goes: Q.What I have done in property so far?I have one vacation rental property in
  9. I have recently purchased my first hmo property. It was fully tenanted when I took it over. One of the rooms has become vacant and I need to prepare the tenancy agreement. Can I use the NLA tenancy agreement that they provide to their members? Or do I need to have a HMO specific agreement? I think I saw a hmo agreement available online to purchase. I would really appreciate advice on this. Also are there any inventory apps with photos that anyone could recommend? Thanks Roxane
  10. I'm looking for a inventory app including photos. So that I can then print it off for the tenant. Any suggestions?
  11. Quick update - I searched around online and found out that I can take out a LLoyds Commercial Repayment Mortgage at a much better rate. This particular mortgage does not lock me into a fixed term which means in a year or two I can remortgage to a interest only mortgage. Numbers still seem to work out! Thanks Roxane
  12. Hello Rob & Rob, I'm a fan of the podcast and was thrilled to listen to the HMO recently as I have been researching them. I have gone ahead and found one I want to purchase - it is a licensed HMO. My issue is that my broker cannot find me an HMO mortgage under 8.99% as a first time landlord… ouch! Looks like licensed HMO's are more difficult to mortgage than a non licences one… I had not realised that. Here's my question to all - Am I better to buy a house under a regular home mortgage & eventually convert into an HMO? Do I then after a 2 year fixed mortgage remortgage
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