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  1. Hi Stuart, Would be interested to see what kind if deals you are getting. Cheers
  2. Hi guys, Funny you should mention that ... I had the exact same issue this week and I stumbled across ebico too .. sounds good to me with no exit charge and no standing charge so went for that too Cheers
  3. Hi Adi, 1. Yes perfectly normal (normal due diligence applies) .. are you using a broker ? 2. There are a lot of brokers in London ... if it gives you any comfort I used Simon Allen at searchlight he is up north and I am based in sidcup...there is no real need to meet (although I happened too at a property hub strategy day) Cheers
  4. Hmmm sorry don't have an answer for you Alan but wanted to follow this as putting the personal home in to an LTD is an interesting idea I had never thought of before. I do however know a good accountant if you want a contact? Hope someone will be able to answer soon Cheers
  5. Hi Brian, Yes absolutely. If you are putting your money in you should definitely expect a return. If you are funding the entire project why not profit share ? If you are just part funding maybe aim for about 8% - 10% pa Good luck Cheers
  6. Hi Brian, Firstly congratulations on finding a mentor ... that was a game changer for me personally. What you could do is lend the mentor your 20k with and agreed % interest rate (get a solicitor to draw up a loan agreement) with the understanding that he will walk you through the whole process and when the profit is realised pay you back. Hope that helps Cheers
  7. Hi Tony, That is a big chunk of change you have there. There are loads of sourcers but finding BMV in a market place as hot as London is very very difficult. Tara Coley at bluebell http://bluebellproperties.co.uk/specialise in London and she may be able to help .. please let her know I sent you :-) Alternatively there will be plenty of people that will give you a great return from just lending them some money so they can complete projects (and you become a sort of private bridging lender) Thanks
  8. Nice tips Andy .... and great to have another podcast to add to my list... :-) Thanks
  9. Hi Guys Thought I would put up a quick post here to recommend the below ... looks like its on sale for 99p ... it's a great resource for newbie property investors so well worth grabbing while they are cheap http://www.thepropertyvoice.net/property-investor-toolkit-kindle-book/ Cheers
  10. Hi Danny, 40k us probably a bit tight to be able to generate a 500 a month profit (but happy to be corrected by other more experienced members). You could however look at different strategies (flipping etc) to increase your 40k to enable you to buy something bigger in the future. Cheers
  11. Hi guys, Thought I would jump back in with a recommendation. I actually signed up to the ikickstart course run by Damien Fogg and Richard Brown (regular contributors to this forum) and can highly recommend their webinar course as a place great place to start. It's mainly aimed at beginners so was great for me. Also as I got in on the first batch of students it was very good value (in the hundreds) and no upsell.. I'm not sure if it's still the same price as it may have gone up in price now. Cheers
  12. Hi Tim, Yeah agree 100% and would use a letting agent as a matter of course (my strategy is not to self manage) I was actually thinking more on the lines of pre mortgage applications and general keeping on top of your credit score. You raise a good point though Cheers
  13. Hi Guys, Thought I would post this here as it may help a few people. There are two free credit report checkers i have found online for two different credit agencies 1. Noddle - checks your callCredit report https://www.noddle.co.uk/ 2. Clearscore - new checks your Equifax report. https://www.clearscore.com/ Arguably the second is more useful as Equifax seem to be the bigger and wider used agency Hope that helps someone Cheers
  14. Hi Jason I think with that many properties you can look at something called incorporation relief .. I'm not an expert by any means but might be worth checking out as that could wipe out the tax bill upon the transfer into your LTD Cheers
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