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  1. Hi z I would try and get in with a local builder, maybe do some work experience, I have a construction back round, it's helped me no end in growing my property portfolio, as I only buy projects, then let them out long term and refinance when the time is right, the BRR model. Just a side note, property is hard work, don't let these so called YouTube guru's, get rich quick schemes, side track you. Slow and steady growth is the name of the game in property. Listen to the two Robs, they have it spot on. Good luck.
  2. Hi All I need some advice on a property I'm looking to purchase, 1 bedroom maisonette, the lease has 62 years remaining so I'll be buying the property with cash, as its unmortgageable. However I would like to take out a buy to let mortgage after 6 months, as its a investment property and I want as little money tied up as possible. So I need to get the lease extended. The property is a repossession so I won't be able to ask the current owner to extend the lease, I would have to go straight to the landlord and ask if they are willing to extend the current lease. How would be the best way to approach this and is there any reason way the owner of the lease wouldn't want to have it extended? Thanks Matt.
  3. Hi Divina Good luck with your property journey. Sounds like you have a clear goal, which is great. I'm based in Crawley and invest in Crawley, Im very hands on and like investing locally. I believe Crawley is a great area to invest, with extremely high demand for rental properties. I use the BRR model. Just wondering why you would want to invest up north? When living in such a great area, with lots of opportunities. Thanks Matt
  4. Hi Samuel. I'm a very hands on landlord. I'm on my 4th Buy to let, hoping to complete in the next few weeks. It's a full refurb, I would only buy local, I have toyed with the idea of buying 'up North' but it's never quite worked for me. My feeling is some parts of the south are being over looked, so if you can get a big enough deposit together you can bag some good deals, mainly due to less competition than up north. Good luck. Thanks Matt.
  5. Hi all I'm based in Crawley. Don't come across meny investors talking about the south east. Where are you all on your property journey? Thanks Matt.
  6. Hi fellow hubbers I have made an offer on a property thats been accepted, however i am now having second thoughts due to an electrical substation right next door and I mean right next door about 5 meters away from the back door. The substation bricked wall fence is the property boundary fence, the garden is small as well. I couldn't hear any audible humming but I understand this can come and go. Will this have a big impact on the resale value of the property, even though I plan to keep the property long term and rent it out. I'm still waiting for the mortgage survey, I assume this will be picked up on this, possibly a chance to re negotiate on price? Be great to hear some thoughts and get some guidance on this. Thanks Matt.
  7. Hello all great form. Will i require planning permission to install a new window at the front of an investment property the brickwork will have to be cut to size and the window installed. It's a standard 3 bed end terrance house. I plan on making a 4th room as one of the bedrooms can easily been split in to two rooms, but this will require the installation of a new window to the front of the property. Any advice would be great thanks.
  8. Hi All What do you fellow property hubbers think of this deal? Property Purchase price £250,000, 25% deposit £62.500 Mortgage rate of 2.79% through my limited company fix for 2 years. Stamp duty £10k Legal costs and mortgage arrangement fee 3k Needs £10k spening on refurbishment. £85.500 in the deal. House price will be worth £300,000 after the refurbishment work is completed. Will rent for £1300 PCM. This is a long term investment, located in the south east where demand is very high for rental properties. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  9. Just want to see if people are still investing in the South East? Particularly in Crawley, (close to Gatwick) still seeing some good returns here, I have 2 investment propertys in the town and am on the hunt for a 3rd. All the talk seems to be about up north, (Liverpool, Manchester to name a few).
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