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  1. A bit late, but in case... I've self-published a book on Createspace/Amazon ("101 Contracting Tips", if you're interested) and it cost me almost nothing to get it done. The most I spent was ~£200 on 99Designs for a cover. I had it proof read by a friend who is a writer, but even if you pay someone I doubt it would be £2k. You're able to order your own copies on demand and they're printed on demand when sold. As for formatting, Createspace provide plenty of Word templates of various sizes - if you're no good on Word then you may need help with that too. You would have to pri
  2. Hi all, I have been presented with an opportunity to "look after" my neighbour's flat. They live in USA and don't want to leave it with a lettings agent, and instead want me to look after it. The proposed arrangement is that I pay £650/month as rent and I can then find a tenant (rent is probably ~£1000) as if it were my property. In researching, I've gathered that the contract between the owner and me should not be a standard tenancy agreement, so what kind of contract should I be looking to set up? From them I will be checking the land registry to see if there are any charges,
  3. If it were me I'd go back with a much lower offer than your previous one - since everyone else keeps dropping out! Then while doing a refurb, I'd make a point to fully gut the place and make it look really different. Maybe a local paper would bite on the story of the place being "exorcised" I do find it strange though. There are plenty of similar people (sadly) and the properties they live in don't seem to get the same treatment.
  4. Using their logic they should hate other FTB’s just as much. In fact, anyone who purchases a property for any reason is also contributing to reduced demand and higher prices, not just landlords.
  5. It seems difficult since users are able to access the Account settings page and as mentioned, update all the details. It may be difficult to get your bank to block the transactions if a tenant made off with the account? Maybe you could present the tenants with a Netflix gift card loaded with 6/12 months (whatever their tenancy is) so they can load it up on their own? Amazon Prime Video is another option, though more limited for content, it seems to stop the users on the app from purchasing anything or accessing the account settings. It's only £7.99/mth for up to 4 users
  6. Stuart, thanks for this answer. You've cleared it up for me really nicely. Cheers!
  7. Hi Stuart! I may have been unclear, or just don't really know how it works. To me, say if I was buying the property from the start, I could put in the minimum 20%, while keeping my £92k aside to do anything with - go to Vegas, or buy another property - anything I wanted. But if I'm refinancing to BTL with the minimum 20%, it seems I can't get my hands on that £92k unless I have some good enough reason. Sure, as you say, buying a second property is fine, but I wanted to just have that £92k put into an account, for me to do whatever with, it seems that is not allowed. (No
  8. Hi all! I have a question that I maybe should have asked many years ago. I've recently finished renovating a flat while living in it (not recommended) and I now want to let it out. Roughly the numbers are: - potential rent of £1,600pcm - estimated value of £340,000 - current mortgage of £180,000 I'm looking at some good rates from my broker at 75% and 80% LTV, and I always thought you were able to just declare the percentage of deposit you wanted, and the refinance would repay your existing mortgage, with the remaining funds plopped into your
  9. Hi, I have a friend who is planning on investing in Düsseldorf. Any reason you'd steer clear?
  10. I've somehow ended up on a mailing list for Life Tenancies - this would be a good topic to cover. Some others that I would find useful: - purchasing property in Republic of Ireland specifically - the best vehicle to use for passing property down through the generations / avoiding inheritance tax "I'm in the empire business!" - Walter White / Heisenberg
  11. I have a C-listed / "conservation area" flat, and I had to get planning permission before I had double-glazing installed. Your best bet is to speak to the local council and find out what they require from you. Then if you do have to go ahead with planning permission, ask the window company if they have an architect service. That can make it much easier for you.
  12. I recommend speaking to someone at Contractor Financials: https://www.contractorfinancials.com/ I know it's not exactly the right solution, but I'm guessing they're more used to "unusual" income compared to going to the lenders directly.
  13. Thanks for your answers! I think I might have been a tad confusing: the remortgage is for releasing the additional equity rather than renewing a mortgage product. I'm dealing with a mortgage broker at the moment who will be looking for the best deal. I think I'll go on SVR and go hunting for a new credit card to complete everything, then jump on the new valuation/remortgage at the very end. Thanks again!
  14. In case you don't know about it, this site is quite handy for finding run down properties: https://propertytorenovate.co.uk/
  15. Hi all, I need a bit of advice around remortgages. I'll set the scene for you first: - 3-bed, first-floor tenement flat in Marchmont, Edinburgh (the ones with the high ceilings, ornate cornicing, and bay windows) - bought in Nov 2014 as a dingy student flat, which we've been living in and renovating simultaneously (not recommended) to a very high spec. - remaining work is sanding and painting window and door woodwork, lining and painting the walls/ceilings, putting down carpet, and attaching new light fittings, curtains, and maybe some small other bits - fixed rat
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