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  1. Hello Everyone, I am working out my tax return calculations and wanted some clarification on the mortgage interest relief. I have worked out that when including my non property income, rental income and mortgage interest and deducting the other costs I have, I am still in the basic tax rate bracket as the sum total is under 50,000. With that in mind does that meant I am still able to claim back all of the mortgage interest as I have not been pushed into the higher tax bracket? Thanks
  2. Hello Everyone, I am looking to grow my network and would like to get your thoughts on any other property network groups which you are members of, or any meetups that you recommend in the London area or virtually, of course the PH Forum is great and very informative but I would like to know any useful resources that have helped grow your network and found informative? Thanks in advance
  3. This is really good! Thanks for sharing and can't wait for the new additions.
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