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  1. Hi Stuart It may be worth checking out a website called www.allagents.co.uk it is a customer based review website and this should help you locate a good agency in the area you are looking in. I'd suggest also checking to see if the firm is ARLA regulated or regulated by any other governing bodies. If you wanted to email me I may be able to make some suggestions based on the specific area. If you can't private message me my email is kieran-ryder@live.co.uk.
  2. Hi Steve I would be interested to know what your solicitor suggests!
  3. Hi I am new to the forum and am currently looking at investing in property, easy London would be ideal. Only 20 so feel it is a good time to start now. I work as a property manager so understand the day to day running of a property other than that I am eager to learn more so I can start my investment journey. The aim is to become 50 properties up!
  4. Hi Steve From my experience with dealing with Tenants claiming HB is when it comes to wanting to take back possession of the property you need to have them evicted ie by issuing a section 21 and then enforcing the notice. Dependant on the solicitor costs are in the region of £1500.00 for this inc court fees etc. . I am a property manager and cover properties in The London borough of newham. I am not sure if all councils are the same but bear this in mind. Also as they have been there for so long they could be a 'protected tenant'. I would check that out also Hope this helps Kieran.
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