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  1. Thanks for your reply James - this development was in the Cross Green area and after spending a bit of time on Google Street View, we decided against it Have seen a couple around the Northern Quarter and the location looks to have a bit going on but like you say, would be good to take a walk around before committing to anything. Thanks again - I might be in touch with some questions! Sam
  2. Hi all, New to the forum and trawling through all the great content. Myself and my wife are looking for buy to let properties (mainly in the areas recommended by Rob and Rob on the podcast). Leeds stands out a bit for me, I've spent a couple of nights in Leeds and like the city centre a lot so am quite keen on the area for a buy to let. We're mainly looking for new or nearly new apartments that will require (hopefully) minimal effort in terms of management. I've noticed the LS9 postcode is relatively cheap and it seems there is a lot of regeneration going on neary by with the South b
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