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    Hull at the moment
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    I was a social worker for 20+ yrs. I started educating myself about property in 2014 , with the aim of replacing my income. I achieved this in 2016.

    I work for a business, teaching non-coders to build websites and market their services, using WordPress and Elementor.

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    I have 5 BTL single lets in Hull which I self-manage.
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    Finding tenants who stay and look after the properties well. Research and strategy. One-to-one coaching.

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    To build an energy efficient home. To start investing in commercial and residential property in the Leeds area.
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    Walking, yoga, positive psychology, meditation, self-improvement

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  1. Hi Paddy, How did you get on with this (I know it was a while ago now)? I don't know anything about book publishing but heard a really good podcast interview with Kathy Ver Eecke. She teaches people about getting book deals. It's a great subject and much needed. I'm sure you've had it proof read by now but would be happy to oblige if not. All the best, Vicky
  2. Social worker for 20 odd years, until I found the Property Hub Podcast and managed to replace my income through property. Thanks Rob and Rob! Now a life-coach (for want of a better phrase) trying to help other people achieve their goals/dreams.
  3. Reading/listening to podcast/learning - James Clear - Atomic Habits is good while we're on the subject. Exercise - yoga, walking or HIT workout Meditation - if we spent as much time training our minds as we do our bodies.... Gratitude journal - trains your brain to seek out positives, similar effect to Rob's practise of seeing the upside to situations Set yourself a target of say 5 fails per month (Ramit Sethi's idea not mine) - that way taking risks gets easier and you start seeing failure as something to strive for. Fear of failure can seriously hold you back if you let
  4. Another vote from me for: Quiet - Susan Cain (Can't watch her TED talk without filling up) Black Box Thinking - Matthew Syed and The One Thing - Gary Keller also enjoyed: How To Own The World - Andrew Craig Essentialism - Greg McKeown Flow - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Principles - Ray Dalio - I read it twice but my husband found it unreadable, so not for everyone About to read Factfulness, also recommended by DerekT
  5. I meant to add that I use Openrent to advertise as well, which is very reasonably priced and allows you to stay in control. Good luck with it all Ross.
  6. Hi Ross, I've used agents and self-managed over the years and have found self-managing rewarding and much more reliable than using an agent. There are great agents out there, I'm sure and yes there is a lot of legislation to keep on top of but if you enjoy educating yourself (as you probably do if you're on here), it can be an enjoyable experience. The big difference I've found is that finding tenants myself has resulted in a much more long term and positive experience for both me and the tenant. I get to decide who lives in my houses and they get to decide if they thin
  7. Hi David, I agree with Robert. I've used Upad and Openrent, as both offer a good choice in terms of the amount of control you want to have. They were both very good but Openrent incredibly cheap. I almost didn't use them for this reason but have done twice now and have no complaints. I also recommended Openrent to other local landlords who have had similarly good experiences. I used the referencing as well as the advertising. I always do the viewings myself anyway so that I can get a good feel for who I'll get on with, as a self-managing landlord. I also used my own lo
  8. I agree. I just don't see the value that high street agents offer to justify the difference in cost. Thanks for that. I'll give it a go.
  9. Hi Samuel, I know this is an old thread but wondered if you had an update? I'm hoping to do something similar myself and would to share tips and experiences. I have 5 BTLs at the moment, which I bought for long term capital gain and ease of management initially. I, like you, feel very fortunate and want to provide housing and support to homeless or potentially homeless individuals. I'm an ex social worker and currently volunteer with a homelessness charity so have a good idea of the support needed and how to negotiate the benefits and social care system. If
  10. Do you end up receiving loads of emails or calls asking if you want to sell? I've had that with other online estate agents?
  11. Hi Matt, I'm based in Hull and so have no recommendations for Liverpool but I'm not sure that it's important to use local companies. The mortgage brokers I use are based in Suffolk for instance. I'd be happy to recommend who I've used. Get in touch if you're interested. Good luck, Vicky
  12. Hi Tristan, I'd definitely try with the agent explaining that you're a landlord and may be able to keep them on as tenants (if that's true). Having said that, I'd be reluctant to take on potentially hostile tenants, especially if this is your first BTL. You could gauge this if/when you view the property. I'd want to meet them to make sure they're the kind of tenants I'm going to get along with. I may have missed something but don't understand how or why you'd get a residential mortgage first if it's going to be a BTL? Good luck with it, Vicky
  13. Hi Matthew, I’ve had a similar issue with two of my properties. I consulted a damp/condensation advisor who talked to me and the tenants about the importance of ventilation, not letting the temperature drop too low and general lifestyle tips. I now cover these issues in the AST and give an information leaflet. I self-manage so easier to get the message across personally. Not sure how effective agents are? Vicky
  14. Hi Naj, I've used Brewer Wallace three times in the past year and they were very good. Vicky
  15. Hi, I'd be interested in the finding the same. I'll let you know if I have any luck.
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