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  1. As Julia said, it is generally a rip off. If you don't fight your corner every year the renewal cost is extortionate. There is no reward for customer loyalty. The engineers are targeted on first time completion rather than quality of work. If they see something that isn't going to cause an issue within 10days they will avoid returning to replace it as they are penalised on their quarterly bonus due to higher parts costs and poor percentage of 1st time completion despite being a better engineer. Their recent performance measure is aimed at squeezing the current customer base for ever
  2. A busted back boiler heat exchanger is a terrible boiler fail. Or with the recent release of the green home grant there is the option of a heat pump with a sizable contribution towards the installation from the government (2/3 of the installation up to £5000).
  3. I think you're right. After speaking to an architect who mostly specialises in larger estates, he has been pushing the eco home idea for over 30years and had very little interest. Until the changes in legislation around low carbon heating in 2025 I can't imagine many developers will be looking down that route if they dont have to. My architect friend told me there is alot more uptake with social housing where it's not so much build sell and forget. Rather producing a product that provides low running costs for their occupants. Thanks for the input though
  4. Everything I've found so far relates to the introduction of low carbon alternatives as of 2025. As far as I can tell its down to the builders inclination to build and promote a low carbon home rather than a push to do so. I'm surprised the option of offering a home with very low running costs wouldn't be a selling point.
  5. Evening all, Is anyone on here aware of the current renewables requirements for new build properties? Both for one off builds and larger developments. I thought I'd ask some well informed individuals before spending too long scouring government websites. Many thanks Ben White
  6. Sounds like there has been lots of good advice on this thread already. I realise its an old post but having the info on here for others to use can't hurt. I've worked as a gas engineer for over a decade now and it does concern me that your engineer didn't take the case off. However if he planned to fail it then I suppose there isn't any need to go any further. There are things for a gas safety that we have to do like check the full length of a flue (when they pass through voids etc) and take the case off to visually inspect inside. Not doing bits like this should be a red flag. Along wit
  7. I agree a good warranty is helpful however boiler manufacturers will carry out a water quality check prior to carrying out any warranty work. This is alongside checking that the appliance has been correctly installed. It's all very well looking for a competitive price but you can should yourself in the foot by skimping on things like the make of boiler, system filters, upgrading system design. As was mentioned by Tim, the system filters and a proper flush are key to keeping the system in a good condition for years to come(along with inhibitor levels being checked, they dont last forever).
  8. Maynett plumbing and construction is run by a friend of mine. Really approachable guy and the work I've seen is pretty impressive. I realise this is an old thread but for future reference his company covers a wide range of heating and plumbing.
  9. I presume both of these issues have been sorted, if you did need any advise ping me a connection on LinkedIn and I can give some advise.
  10. Afternoon all, My name is Ben White, I have a background in Estate agency and energy assessments. I've been a gas engineer for 12 years now so if anyone would like some friendly advice on installations or repairs I'd be happy to help. Together with my brother James we have are looking to build a modest portfolio. I alongside my wife have refurbed our family homes and are working on our third (this however I think will be last, its been messy). My brother an I are currently purchasing our first joint buy to let in Crewe mainly to to affordability and fundamentals. We are lookin
  11. Afternoon all, My name is Ben White and together with my brother James we have are looking to build a modest portfolio. Mostly as an alternative pension in the long term and gradually substitute the monthly salary in the shorter term. I began my interest at the age of 19 convincing my mother to join me in purchasing a little flat as an investment. We were lucky in that I got it at a good price however buying it around 2006 was not the best time. One way or another we hung onto this and is currently rented. I alongside my wife have refurbed our family home and are working on our second
  12. So myself and my brother found this property and had an offer accepted only to lose the deal as the seller wasn't willing to take the property off the market. This wasn't the end of the world as since then we found another property which works for our target strategy. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/s6p/75657091 This was the one we lost, I'd like an opinion of how it stacks up, I believe the rental around that particular area would be between 625-650pcm and a max re-value once refurbed to a good condition of between 155-165. Oh and feel free to look into this yourselves, we cant af
  13. Thanks, we had a little clarity from the lender, it's not as dramatic as the solicitor expressed. We have found a place near the nantwich road end of crewe, how about yourself?
  14. Hi, I realise this is an old thread but as a gas engineer working on these things on a daily basis. I would always look to rip out an old back boiler whilst doing a renovation. Although it may be working. From a safety point of view, a room sealed boiler, combi or otherwise is always going to be a better bet. In my experience the number of vents that get covered up to prevent a draft therefore creating a dangerous situation. It's not worth the risk.
  15. So it turns out this is just necessary for a single letter to confirm liability of the guarantee we as directors of our new ltd for the loan(mortgage) on the btl. This isn't for a second solicitor for the entirety of the conveyancing as it came across in the email from the solicitor. Hope this helps if anyone else comes across it.
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