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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know of any property meet ups in the Peterborough area? I’m looking to go to a meet-up but can’t find any in this area. Any other investor in the area that go to or would like to go to a meet-up? Thanks Phil
  2. Hi all, I’ve just been reading Rob D’s beyond the bricks book. Really good book full of interesting and insightful stories about investors. Many of the investor said about how they were advertising for deals. Is this something you guys do? Should I be advertising for deals? I can build websites and have experience with Facebook ads and google AdWords. My concern is I could sink loads into marketing and not get anywhere. Thanks Phill
  3. Hi all, My partner and I have two buy to let houses between us as well as owning our own home. The buy to lets are on 75% LTV. Our house is about 85% LTV. All are on five year fixed rates. We wanted certainty when we mortgaged them. Based on my cash flow forecast we will be ready to buy another mid 2020. I like to try renovate and pull out as much as the capital as possible. Our goal is to get a position in which we can work for fun rather than having to work to pay the bills by 2029. I have an hour a day between now and our next investment in mid 2020 (as well as my usual time reading, listening to audiobooks and podcasts). What should I be doing? I don’t want to be wasting time until we have enough capital saved. Thanks Phil
  4. Hi, There are a couple of houses near me that are empty, they would make fantastic homes in an up and coming area. I’m keen to find the owners and understand why they are empty and whether they would be interested in selling. Anyone got any advice on how to do this? I’ve used the land registry and have a name for one of the propertys. Just no idea where they are now. Thanks Phil
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