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  1. Hi, I'm actually interested in this too, but more from the general perspective: is it a good idea to get a BTL first before getting an owner-occupier mortgage? Just like @pcalessio, my rent is currently lower than my mortgage rate would be, and even a share to buy mortgage would seriously restrict my disposable income. Would be keen to hear the pros and cons from fellow PropertyHubbers..
  2. Greetings PropertyHubbers! I'm Diana, based in SE London, and have been brought to the forum by Rob D's inspiring books in property investment (thanks Rob D, I've turned into a fan!). I have a very mixed professional background, having worked in private, charity, academic and public sectors - and that's because I'm essentially a big fan of learning and of trying new things. At heart, I'm very entrepreneurial, and I've never been a fan of full-time work, so I'm dreaming of the day I will become financially independent. My dad has always inspired me with his entrepreneurial and property investor
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