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  1. I have done exactly the same thing through my mortgage broker and using our ltd company. Saved a lot in fees by doing a mortgage advance after 6 months. The lender was Kent Reliance. PM me if you would like details of our broker.
  2. Hi Candlat. From my point of view, there is no real shortcut. It does take time to do proper due diligence on a property. An estate agent may give you an estimate of a resale value but take a look on the likes of Rightmove to see what actually sells in that area. A lot of the questions you ask comes back to building up experience over time and getting out there and making contacts. You will get much better at estimating renovation costs after you have done a couple of projects for example. In terms of packaging deals for others, I would strongly recommend you do some of your own pr
  3. End of financial years tends to be a good one Andrew. We purchased a property from a family who were moving to a new build. They received a £20k discount if they could complete before the developers end of year results (end of April). We got within 2 days but managed it
  4. I have recently become the joint freeholder of a block of 4 flats. The previous freeholder had been missing since 1989 and there was nothing in place to collect a service charge and to generally maintain the property. It has taken more than a year but we have now taken control of the freehold and now want to set up a management company to allow us to collect a service charge to pay for building insurance and to maintain the property. Can anyone advise on the setup of a management company for freeholders? I assume we just need to set up a limited company with the two of us as direct
  5. Hi Rachel. Couldn't tell you how much for a mortgage but probably a % of the amount borrowed. I've used them for a bridging loan and that was a fixed fee of £495. Best regards, Jon.
  6. Hi Rachel. Get hold of a good independent mortgage broker who will be able to talk to you about the money you can borrow based on your personal circumstances. I can give you the details of the one I use if required. Other costs to think about are SDLT, solicitor fees and a surveyor. Cheers, Jon.
  7. Looking forward to the show guys, not sure if I will be there on the Friday or Saturday yet. Sadly cannot make the meetup after the Sat show due to other commitments (which I have already tried to change!).
  8. That's why I would like the debate to be non-political. There is no point in the Government doing a financial impact assessment cos I am sure it will be biased to their case of staying in. Surely an independent organisation can give their assessment based on us staying in and pulling out? Going back to your point of the UK being the 5th biggest economy in the world and the issue of risk. Are we saying that being out of the EU would improve our economy long term so we can do better than 5th? If that statement could be backed up with sensible facts, that would certainly be something I could
  9. Again, nicely argued Ali. I agree with some, if not all of your points. I still think there are lots of "hope" rather than fact in your statements, particularly on EU immigration, and nothing really to back up whether our economy would be better off outside the EU rather than in. I'm really not clear how much soverignty has been lost and what is at risk in the future. I would be more concerned if we had joined the Euro!
  10. You make a good case for leaving the EU Ali and I am sure I could be swayed to vote that way if the case is made with factual information. However, that is currently not the case. We cannot guarantee that leaving the EU will mean controlled EU immigration as you have already admitted that to get zero tariff trading in the EU - which all business will be in favour of - it is almost certain that we will have to have freedom of movement for EU workers. Why would the EU allow us a better deal than existing? If they did that, many other countries would be looking to break away as well. I also f
  11. Hi George, My first BTL is also a one bed flat with a missing freeholder. However, I used a tracing agent to find the freeholder, whom my solicitor is now in discussions with, to take over the freeholder. You are lucky that there is block management already in place as this is something I need to sort out in my case. You are entitled to find out what the service charge is paying for. The responsible person or organisation should give you a breakdown. Look out for building insurance, general maintenance, management fees, communal area utilities and possibly a sink fund for long term maintenanc
  12. I would just like to hear the facts from a non political organisation. Give me the numbers so I can make a decision! How much do we contribute to the EU? What are the ACTUAL benefits to business, not the perceived ones? Of the 300,000 or so net immigrants, what % are working (and hence paying into the system)? Why are we not currently able to get good trade deals with the rest of the world if we are a member of the EU? Like others, without the facts I just have to use my instinct which is that although we are one of the net contributors to the EU, the benefits far outweigh the costs. What
  13. Hi Jeremy, That is certainly not my understanding. I have setup a Ltd company and have been speaking to mortgage brokers about getting a LTd company BTL. There appears to be a personal guarantee required but no mention of having a BTL in your personal name. Suggest you speak to an indendepnt mortgage broker to see what they say. Cheers, Jon.
  14. I would be interested to know the answer to this as well. Planning the refurb of an existing flat with new plasterboard ceiling and want to put in spot lights. Can't find anything useful in Approved Document Part B. Suggest checking with Building Control in your area to see what they say, which is what I am planning to do. Not sure the regs necessarily comply to existing properties.
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