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  1. I have a question about how much of a tenant's deposit should I retain. When I contacted my tenants to arrange an inspection, they replied to say they were giving a month's notice. I thought the timing to be strange, but they gave a valid medical reason. But until they dropped the keys through the letting agent's door, it proved impossible to gain entry to the house. In the house I found a cable had been run from the distribution board into the loft, where they'd constructed a room, complete with wooden floor and walls, and lots of staples in the rafters. There was no display on the
  2. Thanks Tim, ever so much. Such a great wealth of advice and help there - and totally practical. Very much appreciated.
  3. Just wondering what's the normal timing of a landlord's inspection of a property. And how best to go about it. Our tenant has been in the house 3 months. Should I be arranging to call around about now to inspect the property? And how do most landlords go about it? Should I announce it as a quarterly inspection? Or is a more informal approach better? Any tips would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the advice Jason. I was thinking of the £250 excess myself, but wondered if there were any reasons I hadn't thought of which would make the £0 excess a better way. Looking for some good quotes, via ThePropertyInsurer.co.uk I was contacted by a very helpful broker who came up with a lower price. Unfortunately, because my property is currently between tenants, and has been unoccupied for just over that magical 60 days, for now he could only offer empty property insurance - at double the price, but covering less risk (but I would get a partial refund once occupied, when the polic
  5. I've had a quote for landlord's insurance. With no excess, the cost would be £314.93. With a £250 excess, it would be £283.43. For an extra £31.50 (which is 11%), what would you opt for? £250 excess or zero excess?
  6. Whilst doing up my property, I used a specialist broker who arranged insurance for empty properties. They sorted it all out. At the time (4-5 years ago), it cost me around £500 per annum. If you want me to find the name of the company, please ask. Right now... My tenant vacated the property 2 months ago (just before I went on holiday ...good timing ). The insurance company wants me to turn off the services, and drain the water and heating system. I have 10 days remaining on my current landlord's insurance policy. When I renew the insurance, it will need to be on an empty property b
  7. That's very generous Rob. I would love to be able to listen to your book. Thank you.
  8. Hi Lisa You're right - it was a massive re-furb. When I inherited the house, I'd already been living in my own home for many years. So I was able to work on it at leisure. I'd lived in it from the age of 2 until 27. When it came to renting out, I used an agency just to find a tenant and draw up the contract (rather a than managed package). Not only did that save me quite a bit, but the face-to-face contact allowed the tenant to know the history of the house and hopefully have a higher level of respect for the house. We also insisted on meeting prospective tenants after the
  9. Hi Lisa. My one and only rental property is my old family home - which I also inherited. It took me a few years to (1) decide whether to sell or let - lots of emotional attachment to the house; (2) clear everything in it; (3) renovate it - everything was 1980s style, and even had polystyrene tiles on the ceiling. But now it looks fantastic and has attracted 2 wonderful tenants who looked after it (about to go back on the market for tenant number 3). It was a steep learning curve, but one which I'm glad I followed. With hindsight, there are some things I would do differently now - such as c
  10. Hello everyone! I'm David from Wigan. I have a 3 bedroom semi-detached house which is now ready for its third tenant. 3 years ago I was completely new at this property thing. It's amazing how quickly you have to learn!
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