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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I have finally seen the property from inside and it seems project is quite big and would be difficult for me to handle at this early stage. But definitely I have learnt a lot in the process and still looking for a reasonable solicitor nearby for future deals. thanks again. Rashi
  2. Hi all, please can someone advise approx how much shall I expect to pay to a solicitor for reading a legal pack before auction? I am going to auction for the first time so slightly nervous if I missed anything or something which I don’t understand there which solicitor can pick. I have called couple of solicitors for quote and they are quoting £2500+ I don’t want to pay this hefty fees if in case I don’t win the auction. Can anyone suggest something or if anyone can help that would be really great. thanks, Rashi
  3. Thank you so much for your valuable input. I will be viewing the property on Saturday and will update you then. From the description, it looked like unfinished new build but after checking on council website , it was initially post office then changed to car showroom and then changed to residential flats where permission has been taken to convert loft into 2 single bed flats, which are still unfinished. Planning permission has been granted on feb 2017 so after auction there will be very limited time to finish up the work as planning permission time will be over in middle of 2020 and then have to reapply. I'll also check on all other points mentioned by you in the mean time and will update you later. thanks again.
  4. Hello everyone, I am a complete beginner in property investing. I was reading, listening and observing on this forum and podcasts for some time and now just gathered some courage to start something on my own. I have been listening quite a lot about sourcing property at BMV and with some refurb, I can choose the strategy. I have recently seen a property in one of the auction lot , which seems to be quite a good deal and also close to where I live. They are set of 2 flats unfinished at the time of construction, so only shell has been made for both. Location is really good and monthly rental is also quite promising in that area. Thanks to this forum, where I have learnt how to analyse deals for different scenario, so I have done that ground work. I am going to see the property next week and it will be my first experience for Auction. Can someone please guide me what points I need to check when I go to view the property, considering, it is a set of flats. Though I have checked about lease years left but don't know what else to ask apart from checking basic property condition and gas and electricity meter which is in common area. Any advise on this would be really helpful. Thanks in advance Rashi