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  1. If I understand this correctly as an end-gable wall, solely providing enclosure to your dwelling and not offering support or enclosure to the adjacent building (inc. lean-to or garage, etc); it is almost without question your wall built upon your land. In this case, your neighbour has no right to alter the wall. However, without seeing it I’m going from the information you have stated. This is not a party wall matter as they have no right, however PW and boundary dispute go hand in hand and a local PW surveyor should be able to offer some advise, perhaps to write to your neighbour
  2. When Planning Authorities say very unlikely (article 4 or any planning matter), I interpret that to read ‘no, unless you can demonstrate the need, and put in place measures to address and offset the concerns they have’. Need is straightforward, it’s addressing their concerns that is difficult, as example on the HMO - market saturation in the area, historic anti-social behaviour, parking congestion, etc.
  3. ~2200 excl reinstatement. Obviously very ballpark with the information.
  4. Yes, I’m not sure what field you work in currently, but costs in the day job may differ from those full time in property, including what you can put through the business time/receipts once you are in it full time (may not be relevant to you).
  5. I personally would account for inflation in considering any investment, without it you build in greater inaccuracy. RPI at ~1.7 lands you at ~500/mo or 6000/an (as you stated). 6000/an is a typical BTL. Would anyone be comfortable with accuracy of +/- one rental house ? Seems a stretch to say a whole BTL income is incidental. In practice the real question is do you need 5000 or 5500/mo with a new lifestyle, is it the right benchmark to be chasing.
  6. Tom who replied above is a Planning advisor, unsure of his geographic areas of work, but Planning advisor in my experience don’t limit themselves regionally to fixed areas. If Tom is unable to help, we have work with DPP in London and elsewhere, and would recommend.
  7. ADH gives full details, but assuming you don’t have velux to the rear, or habitable roof void space, this appears adequate in terms of height.
  8. If you are drilling into a Party Wall to take bearing, you are obligated to follow the Party Wall act. Your adjoining owner could take action so far as to halt your works. 3-4 months delay on a project can cost a fair bit.
  9. You will arguably be affecting quiet/peaceful enjoyment which would negate the term. Beyond that, if they aren’t enforceable what does it matter. The cleaner may be professional and entirely incompetent potentially causing damage which the tenant defends as ‘you told us to do it’; suspected of taking drugs... suspected by who, with what evidence, or what expertise, and you open yourself up to dispute and overstepping your rights. You endorse the key holding, the tenant claims theft and seeks compensation as they used the key you left. Children... you prevent their quiet/peaceful enjoym
  10. I have no personal experience. As I understand management of HMO/flats, rule 1 is to ensure tenants are compatible. If your GF tenant is unhappy with F1 tenants actions and attitude, chances are they will move on, and if the GF tenant found it unacceptable, future GF tenants will also find it unacceptable. Ignore it and it will persist, act and the F1 tenant may leave but you solve a problem that is a detriment to your asset value.
  11. 1250/m is a very conservative baseline for new build; I’d suggest 1500-2500/m for a good / reasonable standard but not high-end. Without knowledge of the site, remediation, stats, scale/multiple units factor, etc, I’d stay towards the upper side of this estimate to start with. Assuming these are for selling, once you start looking at taller ceiling, electric operation, integrated AV/data, good sanitaryware/kitchens etc you can reach +3000/m without much effort. TLTR, not less than 1800/m if you penny pinch throughout the scheme.
  12. You are looking in the right places. Does it have central heating, are the bathroom/kitchen mechanically vented, is there passive vent chimney and floor voids, has anyone retrofitted insulation and/or other alterations removing airflow in the roofspace. As and end terrace it is more vulnerable with the uninsulated gable end. If it’s full refurb, you could seek to insulate external walls as a long term betterment; but either way it’s worth checking pointing/orientation to determine if penetrating damp is contributing.
  13. Some authorities require licence for as few as 3 beds (Sheffield), check the LA Article 4 requirements. You may/will also require Planning change of use in addition to the license question (they are separate obligations). The LA may also have requirement fir buildings / systems over and above stat minimums (eg. Enhanced fire alarm).
  14. Yes, you can seek reduction. However the vendor is under no obligation to make reduction and is within their rights to claim the defect(s) had already been considered in the valuation. I’d recommend being transparent; release the survey to them, invite them to contact your surveyor, and ideally provide 2-3 quotes for the remedial works (and if you really want it suggest a split of the costs). Being reasonable usually gets a reasonable response.
  15. Without looking at the property a fair rule of thumb for budget is 10k/bedroom (refurb, en-suite, basic fit out, common services eg. wired fire alarm, kitchen, modest garden, etc). Conversion/extension would be extra over; as would be licences / change of use. This is just a generic starting point though. If you don’t want to get ripped off, and don’t want to manage it yourself, employ a designer and contract administrator. There are some agents who will take an HMO on from day one - refurb, advertise, let and manage all as a turnkey service.
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