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  1. Hi, Are there any other investors who have invested in this development on here ? I have purchased an apartment and would be interested to connect with other investors to hear your thoughts on a number of items . I have a number of issues that I am looking to raise and would like to know if I am alone on this or if enough people are making a fuss about it something might actually get done. If you would like to discuss this, please send me a private message with your email address so we can discuss initially via email . Perhaps if there are a few of us we can set up a private group on
  2. So in the last 12/18 months I have set up a LTD company and purchased my first 2 BTL's in good areas with a focus on long term capital growth. 1st one went without a hitch really and a tenant moved in on the day of completion. Second one is dragging on for numerous reasons out of my control but is almost there . I've started to turn my attention to continuing with more purchases but based on the income from the first 2 , potential refinancing and saving it'll realistically be 3-5 years before I can go again which feels like a long time at the moment. Appreciate there are lots of opinions
  3. Hi Alex, Just wondered how you got on and whether or not you stuck with the purchase or found a way to get out? I have a 1 bed reserved at this development and have mixed views on the whole process and now the finished product following a site visit this week. This probably isn’t the place to air my thoughts at the moment but would be happy to discuss direct if you want to drop me an email. Cemeehan@hotmail.co.uk
  4. Hi , I'm looking for recommendations preferably from personal experience for a decent, reliable letting agent in Liverpool.I have a new build apartment coming up to market and let out . There is so many out there it would be good to hear any personal recommendations. I have spoken to a few and met up with a couple but haven’t been overly impressed yet to be honest! thanks
  5. Anyone still got this? I’d appreciate it . Thanks cemeehan@hotmail.co.uk
  6. Hi there, just wondered if anyone had a link to a decent BRR calculator and also any portfolio tracking software / spreadsheets ? thanks
  7. Hello all. So the latest on my BTL purchase is the serving of a section 5 notice which for those who don't know is the opportunity for me to purchase a share in the freehold from the developer - I only leaned this myself this morning from a google search. On the face of it ( and a quick google) this seems like it would be a good opportunity to own a share of the building itself, the land upon which it sits and any future growth . I appreciate this is a complex process that needs to be handled by a professional legal company but it essentially appears that I would need to enter into a co
  8. Hi Thanks for the reply. I understand your statement re the bottom line . Apologies but what do you mean by "LL's policy"- just standard Landlords? Thanks again
  9. Hello all! Slowly but surely nearing completion on my first 2 BTL investments. Both new build apartment developments . I'm looking into insurance and wondering what level of cover I should be getting . I can see that there are policies on the market for full cover with tradespeople available for emergency call outs etc. I am thinking that surely with them being new build, I'll be covered by the developers defect liability period for the first 12 months should there be a bad leak for example . Wouldn't they need to attend, repair and make good any damage caused. I am more than happy
  10. Hi all. I have my first 2 BTL investments going through at the moment - albeit slightly slower than planned with the current situation which doesn’t concern me too much as I’m in it for the long term. I’m hoping to use this time to get talking to some local letting agents to make sure both apartments are ready to market ASAP once completed . I need a fully managed service and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for good , reliable agents in both Rugby and Liverpool. Thanks
  11. Hi All, I’ve recently made my first 2 BTL investments through my ltd company with Property Hub Invest. All has gone well so far and I’m looking forward to progressing with my portfolio . The first of the 2 purchases is going through the mortgage application process and the broker has advised me that lenders are limited as they are wary of lending against purchases made through “property clubs”. I wasn’t expecting this . Should I be worried?? The broker came back with an offer which was good on a 5 year deal but that lender subsequently pulled out as they thought the ground rent was too
  12. Hi thanks for the info. I haven’t been looking at these types of student let’s with RWinvest just a standard BTL but still very interesting read .
  13. Hi Just wondered if anyone had any opinions/ previous experience (good or bad)of working with RWinvest in Liverpool? Thanks
  14. Hi all. I,m looking to invest in Liverpool and looking around the bottle area circa 100-130k 3 bed family homes . Wondered if anyone had any advise or recommendations for this area including good letting agents? Thanks in advance
  15. Thanks for the wise words. Much appreciated . I have considered pretty much all your points so good to know I’m thinking about things in the right way at this early stage.
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