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  1. Hi Richard, Thanks for the input. I suspected that a commercial mortgage might be needed. Its a shame! All the best
  2. Hey All, If I was to buy a building that was comprised of three units (Flats), and intended to live in one of the three and rent the other two out, what mortgage type would I need? I cant find clear guidance or the technicalities. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I am in discussions to purchase a property which my partner and I intend to move into. The house is relatively small, although plenty big enough for us at the moment, and for the foreseeable. The property needs some work done. I estimate the property will cost 95k with 15k of work to be done, and I'd expect the property to be worth 135k at the most with the remodel. I live in an area where serviced accommodation works quite well and a rental would probably return 500-550. Does anyone have any advice or guidance on purchasing a property with the short term intention
  4. Hi Sean, I'm based in dolgellau. I used to go to llandrillo college. How are you finding investing? Or potentially investing
  5. Hey All, My names Jac, I'm an aspiring investor, looking at purchasing my first property this year. I'm pretty fresh to property, although it feels like I've been reading property books and listening to podcasts for a long time. Although I have no intention leaving my day job, the goal is to be financially 'able' to. Hopefully ill be able to look back at this post in a few years with a smile!
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