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  1. Hi Fiona Thanks for the reply. We went with Platinum Properties in the end as they looked the business. So far so good. We will see how they fair long term.
  2. Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone can help. To keep it short, we want to build a house in the our back garden, as the neighbours have done. Highways have informed us that the 3 meter driveway at the moment isn't wide enough to serve two (existing and the proposed) properties, a 5 meter drive for the first 10 meters is required. We proposed to just use the 3 meter drive for the existing property and have the existing park on the road out the front, which is what many houses down the street do (and us now). They did not like sugestion as we would be intensifying the parkin
  3. Good evening Tim, Many thanks for your reply. As you say this really is a grey area. Letting agents always ask for the yearly gas cert, but are obviously not so bothered about the electrical side of things, even though there is a possibility that the Landlord could be proved negligent should there be a problem. I am going to go ahead and get it done for peace of mind, but really feel that this should be mandatory anyway. We all know what dangers can arise from electricity. It's not just gas that you need to be wary of. Anyway, maybe this will get pushed by the powers that be i
  4. Hello all Can anyone tell me if it is a legal requirement for Landlords to carry out an EICR (old periodic inspection) every 5 years on the electrics. My property has lapsed and after contacting my lettings agent they have told me that it is not mandatory to keep it up, but it is however good practice. Can anyone clear this one up?
  5. Good morning everyone I'm sure that this has been covered elsewhere but due to the situation constantly changing, it would be good to hear other peoples opinions of good value areas that are looking promising for BTL at the moment. I have been looking at the East Midlands but it would be great to hear others opinions. Many thanks
  6. Lee and Richard Many thanks for your excellent replies on this, you have both given me some great food for thought. I am going to have a serious look through my options, taking note of the advice you have both given and try and weigh up the best approach. As stated the BTL property is in a slightly rural location so not the highest yielding but not doing too badly. It receives approx £630 pcm in rent and after I have payed management fees and mortgage we end up with around £280 pcm. Not terrible so might be worth leaving as it is and letting the money build up for another deposit rathe
  7. Gents I would love to get an episode on different ways to finance BTL apart from the obvious saving route. Many thanks
  8. j greagg

    Raising finance

    Hello everyone My first post on here so here goes. Just looking for some advice on raising finance for another BTL. I currently have one property which is renting out quite nicely and I also own (with mortgage) my own home. I don't have a great deal saved for another deposit and was wondering if someone could give me their opinion on the best course of action. The BTL was an 'accidental rent' ie I bought to live in initially then went abroad and rented the place. The mortgage is a residential one but with the lenders permission to rent. The rate is currently 2.5% variable. Its in a r
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