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  1. soo Iv been looking for a while in and around Birmingham and i think @haf1963 is right there is little to nothing to offer for the 100k mark unless you go down the auction route, which I will not. oven the past few months I have been looking and researching in northern areas mainly Sheffield and Nottingham which I have seen some great deals! the only problem is I've never been to these places and there is only so much you can learn from a computer screen so a visit is on the cards. I'm a little nervous but very excited about next year when I can finally get this ball rolling. I wi
  2. hey Tracey, thank you very much for commenting, it great to have an insight into what other people like yourself are doing and researching. I have heard plenty of scare stories when it comes to sourcers and would be a bit skeptical to use one. I am currently a sponge and if I'm not listening to rob and rob on the podcast, I'm looking at what areas in Birmingham that are doing well. I think everyone loves the processes of turning some dusty old house into a palace but it does take a bit of thinking to really make it work. Thanks for offering your help, ill be sure to DM you.
  3. Alright Dave, Thanks for the comment. I completely agree with you as something that is going to take a long time for me to figure out, it would be a lot quicker and would save me time to get a local sourcer. The thing is I want to learn as much as I can from this process doing it my way and plus I am enjoying the research. I am going to make mistakes, I hope I learn from these making future deals easier. Finding a deal packager is something I'm going to look into the future.
  4. Hello all, It has been a long time since I’ve posted on here but at last I am in a position to buy a rental property, Birmingham and surrounding areas being my location target as this fits a bit better with my budget of £25,000 as I live down in the southwest housing pricing being too high for me I think Birmingham is a good place to start my research as it has good transport links and plenty of university and hospitals I can look into. When it comes to research I generally want to know everything before I buying a certain product, in this case, a house, so I am hoping this will be
  5. hello everyone, Its been a long time since I've been on here, mostly to do with being away with work but glad to be back at it and making future plans. I’ve been doing some research and have a skeleton of a plan. I know there this will sound simple but I'm well aware of the work involved. THE PLAN Make my self a limited company Invest in house that are either : Large town house that could be converted to 2 flats A top floor flat that can have the loft space converted and thats it so far…. I haven't got any money to invest
  6. Hello everyone I am a first time buyer and inspiring to be an investor. My deposit is fairly small and as a result I'm looking at a lot of ex-council for sale. Does anyone one have any experience in this sort of field, would be a great help to know if they are okay to be let out. I'v viewed a few and they are a very good build with large amount of land with them, the only down side is that it's not a desirable area to live in. any help will be greatful. many thanks will
  7. Hey Matt, Well that is my way of thinking if it all goes wrong I still have a pay check at the end if the month. I am struggling to find the right area to invest just need more research. I have had a look at the 'help to buy scheme' and it's not really what I want that is to rent a house out, which you can't do with the loan. But what I have found out which is very interesting from my finance adviser is I can get a normal mortgage at 10% and rent it out just need to let the mortgage company know that I can't stay because I travel to much, so no need to get a buy to let mortgage at 20% I
  8. Hey guys, right need your help badly, if you have read my intro you will know I'm in the army and I live in tidworth but I'm originally from Devon and know the area well, but don't spend most of my time there. Now I have worked in Swindon and know that fairly well and Its is not far from tidworth. Does anyone know any areas around my location that would be a good investment for renting? And do I invest in Devon or around the tidworth area (sailsbury). Would be greatful for any replies, thanks will.
  9. Hi guys! My name is will and I'm 23 from Devon I live in a small village called uffculme but am in the army as a mechanic and posted in tidworth near salisbury and as part of the job I do travel around a fair bit. Now Iv got a deposit almost there and will discuss a game plan in another trend with my goals and what I want to achieve. I'm am pretty clueless about this "property investing" thing but what I'm looking for is a 2 up 2 down house to rent out, I'm pretty sure I will find all my answer on here.
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