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  1. If we apply a positive and can do attitude to this situation, there must be a few ways to do this kind of deal. And so long as there were a few exit strategies then the risk is partly being contained. I know of all these fab training courses telling you how to do this and that, but ultimately I think the one lesson you learn is in reality anything is possible if you really work hard to find solutions to problems, even if they are your own problems, like, how do I find £65K? But as Emma said, keep an eye on it and learn what actually happens to it, to give you an insight in to "property
  2. Hi Guys, Shutzy here, a guy just getting back into the property investment world again. Looking forward to the fun and the challenges and the motivation and support from all of those on this forum and finally the rewards of deciding if I want to work today or not. cheers Shutzy
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