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  1. These *might* help as I have just been Googling this, this morning - not sure how official all of these are (probably not) however I made my decision to go ahead and just pay the £35 (direct debit £5 off on £40) based on the below so don't have to deal with the hassle later. Hope this helps. 1) https://news.rla.org.uk/gdpr-do-i-really-need-to-register-with-the-ico/ 2) https://www.propertyinvestmentproject.co.uk/blog/landlords-comply-gdpr/ 3) https://landlords.org.uk/news-campaigns/blogs/the-data-protection-fee-do-landlords-and-letting-agents-need-pay Quoting from link (2)
  2. Hello - I have just setup a LTD company so that it can buy a flat & let it out. I have funds in a IT LTD company which I want to transfer to the Property LTD company so that it can buy the flat. Part of funds transferred will be via dividends & other via an intercompany loan. I am the sole director in both companies. In terms of the shareholding - Property company owns a Alphabet share / Ordinary Class A share in the IT company and I own the rest of the shares (also Ordinary). I own 100% shares in the Property company. 1) For the Intercompany loan - Can the interest rate be set
  3. If I sell my flat to the SPV, say for £450K and the SPV only has a cash balance of £400K, can the Solicitor actually complete on this sale? i.e. physically only £400K will change hands as it were. The remainder £50K will be shown as a Director's loan owed to me from my SPV LTD company. My accountant is OK with this however he isn't sure about whether the Solicitor can complete the sale without the whole value of £450K being transferred. 1) Has anyone actually done this and has it worked? If so, how e.g. did the Solicitor have to draw up a separate loan agreement so that the sale can go t
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