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  1. Hi, I own a flat in a managed building and development. The management agent have said I require consent before letting the unit and its 108 GBP per tenancy and 45 GBP per year they renew. They have also requested a copy of the tenancy agreement. Am I obliged to share a copy of the tenancy agreement and/or would this breach any data protection /GDPR policies? I suspect they really want to see a copy of the TA so that they can send me a letter each year demanding either another 45 of 108 GBP.
  2. Hi, for all deals, be sure to conduct your own due diligence. Sales people are known to tell you what you want to hear to secure a sale. Have a look at other similar space that is available, how much it is marketed at and how long it has been on the market (Rightmove shows you the date posted). this can give you an indication around price and time properties are marketed for. you can always call some agents to ask their opinion. I've used Brian Linehan in Southampton before and I'm sure he'd be happy to have a chat with you: https://www.belvoir.co.uk/southampton-estate-agents/staff/brian-lineh
  3. I have used the following broker for my last two acquisitions, based in Poole, Dorset: Claire Brooks CeMAP Mortgage Adviser YES Mortgage Services Limited T: 0800 612 5596 M: 07594186118 E: claire@yes-ms.co.uk W: www.yesmortgageservices.co.uk
  4. I used Brian Linehan of Belvoir in Southampton: he provides a service where he will view properties on your behalf, make recommendations and can then let and manage them on your behalf. Brian viewed maybe 7 properties for me until we found the right one and then once I had purchased it he found a good tenant too. Brian knows the good areas, areas to avoid, estimate how much work is required (if any) and the potential rental value. I have no affiliation to Brian, just a happy customer of his. Brian is the owner of the branch. I'd highly recommend you have a chat with him: https://www.belv
  5. The NRLA - National Residential Landlords Association website has heaps of templates that you can use: https://www.nrla.org.uk/ and you can call them at any time. Definitely worth the small membership fee
  6. With a flat you near to bare in mind the cost of service charge and ground rent. potentially extending the lease term at some point in the future. that said, with a house you are potentially liable for 100% of the roof and drainage repairs so swings and roundabouts
  7. Hi All, Seeking some general advice; I currently have 3 BTL properties and am looking to grow my portfolio. At present I am focused on capital growth but in maybe 10 years I will pivot to focus on income generation. I'm not sure which strategy would be best for me now: 1) buy cheaper houses in cash to refurb, rent and remortgage, release equity and repeat or 2) buy fewer but higher value properties that £ wise may appreciate more. For example: 1) Buy two houses cash for £55k each, spend £15k on refurb, remortgage for £80k. Then I have 2 houses worth £160k. They may make
  8. Langie

    HMO vs. BTL

    Some really good points raised above. I'm an expat also with 2 BTL properties in the UK and am considering a third sharing your dilema; traditional BTL or HMO. I prefer a hands off approach to the property and I fear a HMO may come with constant problems with regards to tenant churn, tenants not getting along, damage to the property etc. . I guess it really depends what you want out of the investment: income now (HMO) or growth (likely a traditional BTL)
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