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  1. I'm setting up a limited company for BTL investments The limited Company will be setup under SIC code 68209 - Letting and Operating of own or leased Real Estate I spoke to my accountant about my strategy and tax implications Interestingly I was advised that if I was to purchase BTL property and have them all 'managed' under a 3rd Party, then potentially in the Future HMRC may well target this type of business for it being an investment and not a trading company, and could state that I will not be able to offset mortgage costs against my rental income, the same as if I personally
  2. Alex and David Thank you for your comments. I have been speaking to freinds who have their own Estate Agents and will hopefully be purchasing an investment through my company soon Hope you both have a good weekend
  3. This is something I would really be interested in knowing I'm looking to invest and I'm find it hard to find high yield deals with the limited time I hahe with my current business
  4. My first post on here.... I'm looking for High Yield BTL's 8%+ I live in Leicester, which has low Yields, even in the cheaper area's of the city (Narborough Road etc) Nottingham has been my next step after listening to the Podcasts but I cannot seem to find any High Yield Property Has anyone got any suggestions? I would like to self-manage, but I am open to having my property managed if the numbers stack up. Also I am open to buying property in other locations but would like them within 1-2 hours of Leicester Appreciate your feedback PS. I do have experience
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