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  1. Hi Kl1010, Yeah it’s a tough one to swallow - as the surrounding areas have increased in huge value over the years! Ive managed to get most of money back. They wanted to take the full 3% deposit, but after sometime agreed on 1.5% - plus recd all other monies paid to them. To be honest - I was pleased to get nearly all my money back, as the time went on, so looking back - happy to take the 1.5% and will live and learn! They’ve said that they’ll give me the 1.5% back off any future purchases - if I was to comeback... which is very unlikely, but good to know! Get in contact with m
  2. Hi all, I'm close to buying a property in Belfast, under a residential mortgage and having a family member living in the property. My plan is to come back and live in the property in the next 2/3 years, but anything could happen. The same with my family member, their circumstances could change, and they may not want to live there anymore.. so my question is has anyone done this before? And if I stayed overseas for longer than expected & my family member wanted to move.. what would be the case, could I rent to a 3rd party? It's 25% upfront with a 2.6% fixed 5 year rate on the mor
  3. Hi All, Buy for high yields or property value growth? In an ideal scenario - both would be the answer - but this is not always the case, so hence why I want some advice on what you would do - as your first time buy. I've around 50-60k to invest into the UK property market in which I'm thinking of buying 2/3 unit completed unit - to achieve around 2-300 pounds in excessive cash per month on top of repaying the mortgage/fees etc. Or do I look into a new/about to be completed, high-end 1/2 bed where I can expect to receive instant growth on the valuation in the coming years, less maint
  4. Hi Derek, Thanks for the reply. it was a payment scheme set up via prosperity, to pay 24 months months instalments over the build period. In hindsight - I shouldn’t of been paying, as you say until certain points of the build. Let’s just a bit naive, with it being my first! Ive requested money back, which they’ve refused to do while I keep the unit and it’s increased value.. they’re saying take the money, and leave the unit with them. My plan was to buy something else on an interest only mortgage to pay off the instalments again... Im getting legal involved to see if th
  5. Hi All, (First post...)I’ve bought an off-plan development within the Smithfield Masterplan project in Birmingham City Centre. It’s been delayed and delayed, with no planning in place thus far and has been on-going for for just over 2 years. They're saying planing wont be arranged now until the end of the year.. with the dev due to of been completed in Jan this year. My dilemma is that I’ve paid around 50k to the developer via monthly payments and I still haven’t exchanged contracts. My agent is telling me the pre-contract I'd signed is somewhat legally binding to an extent with all the
  6. Hi All,I’ve bought off plan in the Smithfield master plan project in Birmingham city centre. It’s been delayed and delayed and there is still no planning, which has been ongoing forOver 2 years..My dilemma is that I’ve paid around 50k to the developer via monthly payments and I still haven’t exchanged contracts. I said I’m not paying anymore until it’s sorted which there saying won’t be to the end of this year, and that it’s out of their control, which I appreciate too.I bought it at £290 per sq ft and units are going for about 360+ now, so a decent investment if and when it comes to life! I’m
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