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  1. Hi Onkar Nice to connect and thanks for your feedback - glad you think it’s a good idea. How did you find the process of setting up the Limited Company, and does you company do? Sadly not in a financial position to explore London properties (even at auction) at the mo so would definitely be starting outside of London. Which actually I think may be smarter than having BTL’s in London. Thanks again Whitney
  2. Hi all - nice to meet you via the forum. I’m Whitney and I’m based on London. I have 10 months left of my maternity leave and now have the opportunity dedicate time to put together a long term strategy on starting a limited company in property business. A bit of context: Seven years ago a relative asked for advise on how to get young professionals (like myself) interested in their rental property. On visiting, I advise him to renovate the property so it would appeal to his desired tenant. Surprisingly he asked me to run the project and then fill it with tenants. Six months late
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