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  1. Hi Andy, Thanks for your guidance on this topic. I'm just about to set up my LTD company. I've been told that between my wife and I, one of us should hold A shares and the other B shares. Do you know why this is and how you practically do this when registering the company? Thanks for any help. Nuri
  2. Hi All! Is anyone using a PO BOX for their Ltd company? If so what through whom and what's a reasonable price to pay? Also, I've seen adverts for companies that will not only receive your mail but scan it and send it to you. This seems like a great idea. Has anyone used a similar service? What do you think and would you recommend? Thanks for your thoughts Nuri
  3. Thanks guys. Just realised there is a spreadsheet on the tax course on this site as well!
  4. Hi everybody, Rather late but just about to start putting together my figures for the accountant. This might be me procrastinating, but has anyone got a spreadsheet/template they use? If so would be great if you can share! Cheers Nuri
  5. Hi Matt, What's a portfolio manager?
  6. Hi everyone, We've just moved home and have rented out our old place. I'm about to remortgage to release some equity and was thinking of adding my wife to the deeds. As it was a residential property previously I don't think I am liable to any capital gains tax. Is this correct? Are there any other implications to my wife and I tax wise?
  7. Thanks for posting this reply. I was actually wandering today if it was possible to get mortgages if your only income is from your properties. How easy has it been to get the finance and what sort of criteria are they after? I'm looking to stop my current job in the future and explore other careers, so it's something I need to find out about. Cheers Nuri
  8. Guy, Thanks for posting on here. I think a lot of us have been wondering about the process. Can you keep us updated as you progress? Thanks
  9. Bing, your numbers look really good. How long did it take you to build this portfolio? Have you any plans around the upcoming tax changes?
  10. Chaps, Good discussion. David, really good to read your thought process on this. What's your strategy/goals? I'm hoping to have my current employment income covered by BTL profit in 5 years time. My wife thinks this is a bit ambitious but I think it's do-able. Because of this I think the LTD structure might suit us. Like Mike I'm keen to know the process for getting loans in a LTD and how easy it is to set up and transfer properties.
  11. Thanks so far everyone. I'm going to have to chip away at your suggestions otherwise would be overwhelmed! Keep em coming!
  12. Thanks for the reply Damien. Agree with what you say. You've hit the nail on the head, clear goals are required first. This is something my wife and I have discussed recently. We have a vague idea but she is expecting any moment so we've put things on hold a little! I like your website by the way and will check out your podcast. Nuri
  13. How does mortgage finance with within a Ltd company? Is it easy to obtain it straightforward as doing it in your own name?
  14. I thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going on how people educate themselves on finance and property. There are resources a plenty out there and it would be nice to get it on one place. I've just watched on youtube: How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio Which was very informative. Anyone got any other links or books etc they can recommend?
  15. Hi Property Hubbers, There's lots of great info in this community from which my wife and I are learning loads! However, we were wandering if anyone uses a mentor or has actually paid for investment advice? Do you have any recommendations? Would be great to hear from you. Regards Nuri
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