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  1. Hi Tom sounds feasible. I’d suggest running it past your broker as they’re be in a good position to give informed advice. Stu
  2. Hi Tom I've found the situation has improved a bit. I've only purchased one property through my company. Property was £80k, 75% LTV and a rate of just under 4%. This was through a mortgage broker (PM me with your email address if you would like an intro). I personally still intend to purchase in my own name. I've just had an agreement in principal for a purchase of a house for £80k at an LTV of 70%, £1,800 fees and a rate of 3.04% (tracker 2.79% above base rate) with Bank of China. Shawbrook seem to do the lowest purchase price of £75k, though wo
  3. Many thanks for the insights Railda. Anfield does seem like there are the yields but also opportunity for capital growth compared to Bootle / Kirkdale. Out of interest had you done any investigation into vacancy rates for the area? The Imelda do look good, but I'm wondering if this is offset by over supply and therefore more vacancies. Like yourself I don't live in Liverpool so would want a fairly hands off investment. Thanks again. Stuart
  4. Hello all, I'm currently looking to diversify my portfolio with some high yielding properties and have been looking at the Anfield, Kirkdale, Bootle areas of Liverpool. When assessing different opportunities I'm not sure what to allow for vacancy rates and maintenance. Previously I've allowed 10% vacancy and 10% maintenance, but as these properties would be LHA tenants and lower value properties I'm expecting I should increase these percentages. I'm expecting to pay around the 50k mark for the properties. I'd be very grateful if there are were any landlords that would b
  5. Hi JJ Forgot to say: for a company you won't get the same rates as the UK as they will still treat you as an expat, even though it's through a UK company. Most lenders won't lend to overseas investors/expats and those that will expect a personal guarantee form the company directors. Sorry not a way around as you had hoped. My above comment on Shawbrook refer to a mortgage for my company. The rates are higher at just below 5%, with less than attractive early repayment charges. Stu
  6. Hi JJ, I'm in a similar situation to yourself- Brit, but currently an expat. I've managed to get mortgages in my own name, including off plan. Most of the time I use HSBC / HSBC Expat. They will lend to off plan, but will only start the application 4 months before the completion date. They are slow, but I've not found better rates (currently 3.69% tracker with initial fee of GBP1,800). Natwest in Jersey will also provide similar offers but at 4%. I've not used Natwest to date, but I know someone who has and she noted they were very slow, but this is also true for HSBC Expat. I have als
  7. Thanks for the note Amjed. Have you done this before, or know someone who has? The property I'm referring to has just had my offer accepted, so early days and I therefore should be able to get it in place. Thanks again, Stu
  8. Hi all, I'm currently purchasing a BTL property. I have discussed having this in joint names with my wife, but she invests via stock, whilst I'm into property. Neither of us get excited about the others investments, and don't understand them fully. Due to not understanding the risks she therefore is not keen to have the mortgage jointly in both our names, therefore due to the land registry my understanding (from my solicitor) is that the property can't be in joint names. He did suggest a 'Declaration of Trust' might get around this? Does anybody know, or have any advice on how I could purc
  9. ah, may have just seen why there is not much copying and pasting- apologies formatting went out the window, but link works for those who would like to see.
  10. Very interesting and posts above. I read the below examples on how the changes would impact three scenarios. A lot of posts are saying that the way forward could be to build a portfolio through a Ltd Co. If there are any financial wizards out there it would be interesting to know how these three examples would look if the properties were run through a Ltd Co and how well this really offsets the latest government proposals. I'm a Newbie to forums, so hope copying and pasting isn't against protocol here as I've not seen many people do it.... Below info was taken from http://www.mor
  11. Balancing analysis and over-analysis.....determined not to do the latter.

  12. Hi John, One more bit of info- their BTL mortgages are either with you putting in 25% or 35%, so referring to your original post it's better than the 40-50%
  13. Hi all, I live overseas and I'm looking to get a buy to let property in the UK. I will be a property investor, rather than landlord and will therefore employ a letting agent. I've done some research inline, but I think a lot of it would come down to who would be managing the property locally. As I can't meet them face to face it will be more difficult to make a decision, so my questions on the phone to them will be key to my assessment. Does anyone have any suggestions on great questions to ask to try and find out their approach and level of service I would receive? My initial thoughts
  14. Hi John, My fist post here- I also live in HK and have exactly the same issue. I would recommend HSBC, they lend for buy to let in the UK with very attractive rates (below 3% tracker). I got a quick agreement in principal from them. https://www.expat.hsbc.com/1/2/hsbc-expat/products/mortgages-and-lending/buy-to-let-mortgages Good luck. Stuart
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