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  1. Hi Dennis I've created my companies myself, through a company set-up website (Companies Made Simple - there are others). You can also get an accountant to do it. More important is to decide whether it's best for you to invest through a limited company. There'll be reasons why it is right, and reasons why it's not. You'll want your accountant to give you some advice about your personal situation and whether a limited company is right for you. You might also want to listen to what Rob and Rob had to say in ASK01 and ASK31. Best wishes, André
  2. Welcome to the forum Raffy. It sounds like you have lots to offer here as well as to gain from. It's a great community to do that. Have you been along to your local meet-up yet? If not, I'd recommend you look for that as you'll find it attended by like-minded folk who it would be good to network with. Best wishes, André
  3. Hi Scott. There will be some small differences, but when I considered them before selecting one I found the offer to the landlord was very similar. I'd suggest you pick one, go with them, and get the best value you can out of them. If they don't work for you try the other one the following year and then you'll have first-hand experience. André
  4. Daniel, Kermal is right, if a purchase means you (or a person you're buying with) owns 2 or more properties then stamp duty is due. The only exception I'm aware of to this may be if you're only owning 2 for a short time while replacing your main residence, for example if you're living in your current residence while renovating a new one. Even then it's likely you'll have to pay the stamp duty then claim it back if you move and sell the first one within a certain period. Also, if you don't own a property at the moment (and any persons you're buying with doesn't), it may be you won'
  5. Hi Liam Some thoughts and points to consider: 1. Empty next door neighbour: Is this representative of the area (many empty houses) or coincidence? What does that mean for your rental demand? 2. Empty next door neighbour: This is a possible negotiation point. 3. Empty next door neighbour: How long has next door been empty? Does that house have any issues (e.g. damp) that could affect the one you're interested in? What is the situation of that property (e.g. absent landlord, owner in care, in probate etc.), and how would you contact the owner/manager of the pr
  6. Hi Joe You seem to have posted twice, so you might want to tidy up the other topic (link: It's important to do - and seen to be doing - the right thing for all concerned. Whether you're family or not I think it's a good idea to formalise things (in whichever way is right for yourselves and the deal type) so you all know how things will work if everything goes to plan, the expectations of everyone and the return each person will get, and what will happen if circumstances change or things go wrong. Personally I use limited companies even with family members
  7. Hi MTY My opinion is Brexit will have little impact on most domestic property markets in the short to medium term, and I'm yet to be convinced it will have a great impact longer term. The UK remains a great place to invest for domestic investors and foreign investors and for most areas I don't see that changing even when we've left the EU. London may be the exception, but that might just be a cooling rather than anything more. Manchester is currently seeing a strong growth, and rental yields are very good here. Other northern cities are hot in its heels - Liverpool,
  8. This second "listener deals reviewed" continued to build on the last one, and I think the Robs became more comfortable with the format. For me, deal analysis is a key skill we all need to gain and improve upon, so listening to experienced people do it is valuable. Let's have more in future months. I might even send in a deal of my own!
  9. Hi Rob Having just finished, and thoroughly enjoyed, your "Property Investment for Beginners" audiobook, this would make the perfect follow-up. If I'm not successful, however, I'll happily pop over to Audible or iTunes and buy one.
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