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  1. Hi guys my names Janel and I’m 20 years old, I have been very interested in property for more than a year now and have decided that I would like to invest in property for long term gains. i currently do not own any property, and would prefer to invest outside of London. my plans for the future would be to own 3 BTL properties, having my own property portfolio before I’m 30. i would appreciate any advice from landlords, people that are in the same boat as me and those alike. Best, J!
  2. Hello Phil, Great to hear about your portfolio and I hope it is doing well. My name is Janel and I’ve had an interest in property for the past year or so now, and would love to get some advice from you being a landlord in Sheffield, if you would encourage others to invest there. im only 20, with a little over £20K to invest (from working to jobs) and I’m based in London, in your opinion is Sheffield abit too far out? Or would you say if I get a trusted estate agent to manage the property I should be fine? i hope to hear from you soon! Best, Janel