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    Im an interior designer currently working specifically in bespoke kitchens. Property has always been an interest of mine and have focused my studies to be in interiors and spatial designing.
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    BTL, SA, Holiday Lets
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    Interior & Kitchen Design
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    To have a healthy property portfolio which generates a decent income but also gains capital growth over time.
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    Aiming to become a freelance interior designer. Aside from that salsa dancing, scuba diving (spent a brief period working as a dive instructor in the Philippines) and anything creative from painting to building pallet furniture. I love variety in all shapes and sizes.... aside from jumping out of a plane.....terrified of heights!

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  1. Hi Property Hub People, I'm looking to start my investment portfolio and had a few questions, would love to hear peoples opinions / advice. I have the funds to purchase 4 properties at around 100k with 25% deposit and setting aside money to do any light refurbs, at this stage should i seriously consider doing it through a limited company? I was initially thinking not to as it seemed i would only really benefit from this if i was in the higher tax bracket which currently i'm not. And also buying my first one through a limited company i wouldn't really be getting the best mortgage rate
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