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  1. Hi Property Hub People,

    I'm looking to start my investment portfolio and had a few questions, would love to hear peoples opinions / advice.

    I have the funds to purchase 4 properties at around 100k with 25% deposit and setting aside money to do any light refurbs, at this stage should i seriously consider doing it through a limited company? I was initially thinking not to as it seemed i would only really benefit from this if i was in the higher tax bracket which currently i'm not. And also buying my first one through a limited company i wouldn't really be getting the best mortgage rate...

    I'm looking for decent cash flow as well as long term capital growth, potentially refinancing in 5 years to further my portfolio. Only looking for BTL as HMO do not interest me at this stage.

    I visited Liverpool last weekend and looked at various locations but had limited time do this, i will be heading back up next weekend to carry on the search.

    I have already lined up some viewings and would like to know peoples thoughts on:

    • L4/5 still have yet to explore this area but rightmove shows some interesting properties
    • L7 i drove round this area the last time i visited and yes there are some areas i would not touch with a 10ft barge pole, but bizarrely there are other areas which seem like a completely different part of Liverpool, i know there have been a few discussions around suggesting this may be a good area to look towards....
    • L8 area near the Baltic triangle - i appreciate the further towards Toxteth¬†the higher the crime rates and less attractive it is for working professionals but with the potential of the Baltic triangle this could significantly increase the value of the area? I currently live in Bristol and have seen a huge rise in certain areas where developments have been done so think this could also happen there.
    • L13 i know there is a high number of working professionals within this area
    • L15 although popular with HMO there is some nice properties i've seen and i have walked round the main street which seems relaxed and not seemingly dodgy, i did speak to a few estate agents in the area as well and it seems both residential and students are equally popular in the area.

    Please do let me know if anything springs to mind i may not have thought off...

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