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  1. Can someone link me to some threads or give advice. There’s surely plenty on here but nothing that I can see? Me and my partner own our own home together. Both lower rate tax payers. Not married but potentially in the next 3 years. I want to flip/renovate properties but the SDLT for second homes is annoying as everyone is in the same boat here Understand that this is risky proposition should we split but just wondering from a financial point of view the consensus.
  2. I assume the Stamp duty tax reclaim still applies?
  3. Hi all Im a surveyor by profession but totally unfamiliar when it comes to tax. I’m looking at the viability of buying and flipping properties as that is where I feel my best expertise lies. I know my wage, I know the capital I can put in but there’s so many taxes I’m wondering if there’s any spreadsheets out there that will churn out some basic numbers. Any advise will be greatly appreciated!
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